Zest for Life Adaptogens Review

by Sallamander Concepts
Zest for Life Adaptogens
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Zest for Life Adaptogens
Zest for Life Adaptogens
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-04-18
7.69 / 10 stars
Zest for Life Adaptogens  Review

Is Zest for Life Adaptogens Right For You?

Zest for Life Adaptogens is a plant formula which features extracts known as “adaptogens” thanks to their action which is neither simulative nor inhibitive, but is adapted to the individual needs of each user.

The supplement is offered by Sallamander Concepts, a small company headquartered in the Republic of South Africa and active in the nutritional supplements industry since 1998. It is a private limited company and distributes its formulas internationally. Sallamander Concepts has created several brands aimed to assist with a variety of disorders. These brands include Ageless (based on herbal extracts), Dermaxime, Olinat and Crème de vie (for skin care), Esoteric oils, and Zest for life.

The formula’s active ingredient is an extract of Schizandra chinensis.
Zest for Life Adaptogens is claimed to increase one’s physical and mental capacity (circulation, strength, stamina, efficiency in accomplishing daily tasks, concentration, well-being), enhance sexual potency, decrease the negative feeling related to high levels of stress, is an anti-inflammatory and offers anti-oxidant protection.

The manufacturing company claims to use safe and high-quality ingredients provided by trustable sources. The manufacturing facilities follow current GMP regulations.

An adaptogen formula acts by increasing the resistance of human body to various stressors regardless of their nature (physical, chemical or biological). The difference between an adaptogen and other medicinal extracts is that the adaptogen normalizes certain health indicators regardless if their levels are too high or too low. Other popular ingredients are effective only in one of these cases.

Zest for Life Adaptogens is designed for individuals interested in improving their lifestyle by fighting against everyday stress and reducing the negative effects of a stressful life.

Ingredients of Zest for Life Adaptogens

Zest for Life Adaptogens includes the following ingredients: Schizandra chinensis

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