Alfa Vitamins Whey Protein Review

by Alfa Vitamins
Alfa Vitamins Whey Protein
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Alfa Vitamins Whey Protein
Alfa Vitamins Whey Protein
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-10-19
5.77 / 10 stars
Alfa Vitamins Whey Protein  Review

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Is Alfa Vitamins Whey Protein Right For You?

Whey Protein is a natural supplement which is produced from cow’s milk, and it provides additional proteins for the body. This product was developed by Alfa Vitamins, a company that was founded in the year of 2001 in Doral City, Florida. The development team has created a various range of products that are all addressed to the improvement of different functions of the body and healthcare. They are currently shipping to 51 countries, and they have over 1600 retail outlets.

This product was created to offer additional energy for the daily activities, and it is very recommended for active people who practice sports or work out daily. According to the company’s statements, this formula may nourish their tissue and strengthen their muscles. The product is claimed to offer results in a very short period. Protein shakes may be very useful for people who are determined to enhance their body shape fast, but with only natural methods. Although proteins can be obtained from a regular source of food, such as egg, nuts or meat, it would be much simpler for those who want to complement their dietary plan to use a protein powder. According to the manufacturer, this formula is nutritionally well-balanced, and it has equal levels of essential protein, carbs, fat, glucose, and other nutrients.

Ingredients of Alfa Vitamins Whey Protein

Whey Protein includes the following ingredients: Protein, calcium, sodium, potassium, whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, vanilla flavor, sucralose, and guar gum.

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