Vitamin E 200iu Review

by Bio Nutrition Health Products
Vitamin E 200iu
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Vitamin E 200iu
Vitamin E 200iu
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-04-21
6.2 / 10 stars
Vitamin E 200iu  Review

Is Vitamin E 200iu Right For You?

Vitamin E 200iu is advertised to be a dietary supplement that is absolutely essential for a good health; acting like a powerful antioxidant that assists the body in fighting free radical damage. This formula is constructed around a natural form of vitamin E that is better absorbed that any synthetic forms.

The manufacturin company is called Bio Nutrition Health Products and is located in the United Kingdome; it’s presented to be a business that was born from the belief that all people should have access to quality health products, for them and for their families. The quality of their formulas is guaranteed by the tight controls that every ingredient undergoes during the manufacturing process; they also strive to offer a very good price to value deal, manufacturing high-potency formulas at very affordable prices as to be accessible for as many people as possible.

The manufacturer claims that this product can provide positive results when dealing with eye disorders, like macular degeneration and can also enhance sexual performance, with the added benefit of helping women with menopause. No artificial colours or flavors, as well as no preservatives were used in this formula. Vitamin E 200iu also does not contain any gluten, sugar, yeast, wheat, corn or lactose.

Ingredients of Vitamin E 200iu

Vitamin E 200iu includes the following ingredients: Soya Bean Oil (GMO Free), d-alpha Tocopherol Preparation, Gelatin, Glycerin, Water.

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