Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3 Review

by Ultimate Nutrition
Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3
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Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3
Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-01-28
6.01 / 10 stars
Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3  Review

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Is Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3 Right For You?

Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3 is marketed as a dietary supplement that contains EPA and DHA, two essential Omega-3 fatty acids. The product focuses on promoting health in certain areas like skin, brain, joints, digestive tract, eyes, and heart. The customers are offered this treatment by the company called Ultimate Nutrition. This business was established in 1979 and is specialized on manufacturing innovative product created for sport and athletic performance improvement. Their portfolio features a series of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids based formulations. Among their most popular products, people may recognize names like Hyper Start and Mass Xtreme.

The healthy development in children and adults is directly related to the intake of Omega-3. Although it can also be found in foods like salmon, herring, trout, sardines, halibut and tuna, people prefer to take it in a nutritional supplementation form. The daily recommended intake for Omega-3 ranges from 500 to 1000 mg. Omega-3 fatty acids may also help with people’s stressful lives by relieving some of the stress. Also, children with ADHD or other cognitive disorders may be positively influenced because the average body and brain development require these fatty acids and a disease can also be linked to lack of necessary nutrients level. Movement is also targeted by the manufacturers by the promotion of better joint flexibility.


Ingredients of Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3

Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3 contains the following ingredients: Fish Oil: EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), other Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Gelatin, glycerin, and purified water.

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