Thync Calm and Energy Wearable Review

by Thync
Thync Calm and Energy Wearable
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Thync Calm and Energy Wearable
Thync Calm and Energy Wearable
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-03-07
7.5 / 10 stars
Thync Calm and Energy Wearable  Review

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Is Thync Calm and Energy Wearable Right For You?

Thync Calm and Energy Wearable is a device that can be worn to activate nerves on the face and neck which can affect the mood of the user to either generate energy or calm. The company behind this cutting edge technology is Thync which was founded in 2011 and is located in Los Gatos, CA. The company’s reputation is highly regarded as the co-founders are from various institutions, such as Stanford, MIT and Harvard Universities and are highly-regarded members in the fields of neuroscience, neurobiology, engineering and consumer electronics. The company is recognized world-wide and has been covered in the news as well as offered awards from around the globe.

The Thync Kit comes with the following other products offered by the company: Thync module, energy strips, calm strips and a charging cable. The strips can be bought separately to replenish the used ones and additional or replacement charging cables are able to be purchased, as well. Though a fairly new company, they have garnered respect for the intelligence and science brought to the arena as well as receiving positive reviews on the product itself. According to the producers of the product it is able to produce either a sense of calm or energy through specific pathways in the brain by delivering low-level electrical impulses directly into the brain.

These electrical pulses are said to alter the mood of the user in minutes without the need for drugs that are offered to deliver similar results. The product is targeted for parents, students, athletes and professionals. The manufacturer spent over four years and tested the product on over 3,000 individuals before introducing it to the public. News coverage, studies and awards of Thync’s Calm and Energy Wearable have allowed for the manufacturer to gain a positive reputation around the world.


Ingredients of Thync Calm and Energy Wearable

Thync Calm and Energy Wearable includes the following ingredients: Thync includes the following ingredients: Not applicable

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