Throat Shield Lozenges Review

by Gaia Herbs
Throat Shield Lozenges
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Throat Shield Lozenges
Throat Shield Lozenges
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-20
6.94 / 10 stars
Throat Shield Lozenges  Review

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Is Throat Shield Lozenges Right For You?

Throat Shield Lozenges is an herbal supplement that aims to treat throat inflammations and promote a healthy throat and a strong immune system. The formula is manufactured by Aboca, an Italian company, for Gaia Herbs, a company from the United States.

Aboca is an herbal products manufacturer with an experience of about thirty years, roughly 500 employees and products sold in fifteen countries. Aboca is the partner of Gaia Herbs in Italy. Gaia Herbs is a US producer of herbal formulas that has been on the market for some twenty-five years. Both companies also cultivate their herbs on farms stretching out on many acres.

According to Gaia Herbs, Throat Shield Lozenges contains herbs that are either organic or have been harvested based an ecologically friendly technology. Gaia Herbs promotes Throat Shield Lozenges as a fast acting product with long lasting and soothing effect. Also, the bottle may easily fit in a small bag or purse, which makes it ideal for travels. The product is addressed to people with throat problems (like a sore throat, itchy throat), especially those are on usually on the go. It can also be used also by people whose jobs involve a lot of speaking (such as teachers).


Ingredients of Throat Shield Lozenges

Throat Shield Lozenges contains the following ingredients: Aloe Vera leaves (concentrated dried gel), Chicory Root, Honey freeze dried extract; Sage leaves, Myrrh resin (freeze-dried extract), Peppermint leaf essential oil, Cinnamon bark essential oil, Cane sugar, and Mint natural flavor.

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