Tamanu Oil 100% Pure Review

by My Natural Market
Tamanu Oil 100% Pure
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Tamanu Oil 100% Pure
Tamanu Oil 100% Pure
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-01-24
5.2 / 10 stars
Tamanu Oil 100% Pure  Review

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Is Tamanu Oil 100% Pure Right For You?

Tamanu Oil 100% is an herbal formula that claims to provide beneficial effects on your skin and which can be applied topically on any part of the body, as a soothing massage oil. It is manufactured by My Natural Market.

My Natural Market was founded in Utah, the US in 2008. It distributes a wide variety of organic and natural food supplements, based on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs, as well as households articles, personal care products, groceries, and books. Its revenues increased fast since their beginning, as more and more customers started to feel more aware of the importance of natural supplements and organic products. The My Natural Market online store is easy to navigate and offers free shipping for some products or orders above a certain value. However, the company does not have much experience in manufacturing herbal supplements.

According to the manufacturer, Tamanu Oil 100% is effective in rejuvenating healthy skin, in treating inflammations and in relieving pain. It also has anti-bacterial properties. Tamanu oil is known for encouraging the formation of new tissue, and as such it has traditionally been used against skin problems for centuries. For instance, it helps in treating dry skin, blisters, burn, sunburns, insect bites, acne, psoriasis or even herpes sores. The oil can be safely used on adults, babies, and young children. My Natural Market claims that their Tamanu Oil 100% is of the highest quality as it contains 100% organic pure tamanu oil, whereas other manufacturers may dilute it with other substances.


Ingredients of Tamanu Oil 100% Pure

Tamanu Oil 100% Pure contains the following ingredient: Tamanu Nut Oil.

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