Study Juice Review

by Brain Forza
Study Juice
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Study Juice
Study Juice
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-08-08
6.83 / 10 stars
Study Juice  Review

Is Study Juice Right For You?

Study Juice is presented as being a dietary supplement that comes in a powder form and is designed to sustain a better and longer study, helping with various aspects of brain health and supporting focus, concentration, as well as energy levels.

The business that stands behind this product is located in Seattle, United States based and is called Brain Forza. The company presents itself as being a formulator and supplier of dietary supplements that is dedicated to bringing formulas that support a healthy state of mind. They believe that the ingredients used as to make the formulas as important as the formula itself, thus they make a point of purchasing and testing ingredients that come from the best suppliers that are around the world. Their manufacturing facilities operate under the Current Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring a quality standard; all the products are also certified for sports, meaning that athletes can use this formula safely because they do not contain any banned ingredients that can lead to disqualifications.

The manufacturer claims that this is the best supplement designed for college and university students, aiming to boost focus and concentration as well as maximize memory and recall, having the added effect of providing energy for at least six hours. Study Juice is formulated using 100% natural flavors, is free of gluten, and does not use GMO ingredients.

Ingredients of Study Juice

Study Juice includes the following ingredients: Vitamin B Complex, Mineral Complex, Vitamin C, Catuaba, Mucuna Pruriens, Schizandra Chinensis, Beta-Methylphenethylamine, Caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba, American Ginseng, Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Theanine, L-Huperzine A, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Choline, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Oat Straw, Chaenomeles Speciosa Fruit Extract, Blueberry Extract, Bilberry Extract, Barberry Extract, Red Wine Extract, DMAE, CoQ10, Folic Acid, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, and Betaine.

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