Stress Relief Review

by T-Gone
Stress Relief
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Stress Relief
Stress Relief
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-21
5.63 / 10 stars
Stress Relief  Review

Is Stress Relief Right For You?

Stress Relief is advertised as a scientifically formulated natural supplement that can be effective in managing the stress you are subjected to on a daily basis. The product is also claimed to be effective in dealing with panic attacks and depression.

The company behind this supplement is T-Gone. Unfortunately, there is very little information about this endeavor. The manufacturer appears to have two locations, one in Canada and the other one in the United States.

Each bottle of Stress Relief contains 60 capsules, a full 30-day supply of natural anti-oxidant vitamins, folic acid, ginseng and lemon Bioflavonoids.

There is a 90-day refund policy offered on all orders of Stress Relief. Please, note that shipping costs are not refundable.

Ingredients of Stress Relief

Stress Relief includes the following ingredients: Thiamine, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Biotin, PABA, Choline, Ginseng Root, Licorice Root, Lemon, Zinc, Niacin, and Inositol.

Effectiveness of Stress Relief

Stress Relief is a combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals aimed to reduce stress and improve the general well-being naturally.

According to the manufacturer, people who suffer from stress may also experience anxiety and panic attacks, irritability and mood swings, stomach problems, allergic reactions, a feeling of pressure, chest pain, insomnia, headaches, and depression. All these health concerns can be avoided by using a natural supplement (Stress Relief according to them).

This formula contains Ginseng root extract. Ginseng is noted for being an adaptogen, one which can, based on several recent studies, be supported concerning its antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.

Ginseng has been used for many centuries, and it is believed to be a safe ingredient. However, the plant was associated with several side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, headaches, nose bleeds, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and breast pain. Ginseng has been showing to have adverse drug reactions with phenelzine, alcohol, and warfarin.

The daily recommended dose of Stress Relief is two capsules in the morning, with food. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid this product due to the inclusion of Licorice Root, an ingredient that is believed to cause miscarriage.

Stress Relief Price

Relief Price is an averagely-priced supplement. Each bottle of Relief Price contains 60 capsules, enough for one month of treatment.

This supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or various online retailers. If you choose to order it from T-Gone directly, the company will offer several discounts and even free shipping for larger orders.

Does Stress Relief Work?

Stress Relief contains several ingredients that proved to be effective in dealing with daily stress. The inclusion of Ginseng, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 may be appealing to some consumers, but we encourage them to research further into this formula before making a purchase.

Furthermore, we have to point out that this formula is not recommended for women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant due to the inclusion of Licorice Root extract. Evidence suggests that Licorice can cause miscarriage.

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