Standard Process Symplex F Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Symplex F
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Standard Process Symplex F
Standard Process Symplex F
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-08-14
5.02 / 10 stars
Standard Process Symplex F  Review

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Is Standard Process Symplex F Right For You?

Standard Process Symplex F is presented as being a dietary supplement that aims to promote a healthy function of the ovaries as well as the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands.

The manufacturer is a United States company that was established in 1929 in Wisconsin and is called Standard Process. They present themselves as a business that is devoted to the improvement of life quality using potent and safe dietary health products. This company grows most of the ingredients used in their formulas practicing organic farming because they believe that quality begins with a healthy harvest. They pay particular attention to the quality control process, having a team of specialized microbiologists and chemists that test each batch for purity and Effectiveness. During the development of each formula, two types or research are used, one called discovery science that aims to evaluate the effects of new formulas; the other is in clinical research that seeks to put to the test the initial claims.

The manufacturer argues that this formula uniquely provides derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that are said to support cellular health. Standard Process Symplex F presents with a series of bovine extracts in its blend and thus is not suitable for vegan or vegetarian use.


Ingredients of Standard Process Symplex F

Standard Process Symplex F includes the following ingredients: Calcium, Magnesium citrate, bovine ovary PMG extract, bovine adrenal PMG extract, bovine pituitary PMG extract, and bovine thyroid PMG extract (processed to remove its thyroxine).

Standard Process Symplex F
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3 User Reviews or Add One about Standard Process Symplex F Review

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    Brian and barbara Jolley


    Since I have been taking this I have been gaining weight I’ve been trying to find side effects and cannot I exercise everyday wondering if you can answer my question on that I wondered if it is this pill simplex f

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      BRS Publishing


      To get an answer to your question you can contact the manufacturer by e-mail or phone. You can find their e-mail address and phone number on the official site under the “Contact Us” section.
      BRS Moderator

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