Standard Process Orchex Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Orchex
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Standard Process Orchex
Standard Process Orchex
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-28
7.75 / 10 stars
Standard Process Orchex  Review

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Is Standard Process Orchex Right For You?

Standard Process Orchex represents a dietary supplement that was introduced on the market in 1956 by Standard Process and which should offer strong calming effect for people with emotional imbalances. Furthermore, it is thought to support the health of the testicular functions as well as processes directly linked to the central nervous system.

The business that has created and is currently selling this supplement is called Standard Process and has a nutritional background with more than eighty years of experience. Its founder is named Dr. Royal Lee and states that his remedies differentiate themselves from other because the selection of the ingredient’s source is carefully taken care for. He believes that the origin of a component is more important than the quantity used in his products.

A feature of the Standard Process products is the fact that during production, their ingredients haven’t been disassociated into isolated compounds. Thus they have been treated to remain intact and complete to provide the required nutritional support. Furthermore, the manufacturer states that their chemists and microbiologist continually work in laboratories by conducting analytical and bacterial tests on the product from the raw material to the finished supplement so safety and quality can be offered to the customers. However, this claim hasn’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Ingredients of Standard Process Orchex

Standard Process Orchex includes the following ingredients: Cholesterol, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and a Proprietary Blend containing bovine liver, bovine orchic Cytosol extract, calcium lactate, manganese lactate, porcine stomach, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, soy (bean), para-aminobenzoate, defatted wheat (germ), magnesium citrate, porcine brain, and ascorbic acid.

Standard Process Orchex
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    Annmarie cullen


    Your product Orchex lists a symbol next to some of the ingredients as daily value not established. Does this mean the calorie value per capsule is not exact and does not include the nutritional value of those ingredients ?

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