Standard Process Gastro-Fiber Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Gastro-Fiber
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Standard Process Gastro-Fiber
Standard Process Gastro-Fiber
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-28
7.68 / 10 stars
Standard Process Gastro-Fiber  Review

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Is Standard Process Gastro-Fiber Right For You?

Encouraging the health of the intestinal environment, Standard Process Gastro-Fiber features ingredients such as fennel that helps with abdominal cramps, indigestion, and gas relief. It represents one of the earliest releases from Standard Process which added it on the nutritional market in 2002.

The manufacturer is a company established in 1929 in Milwaukee. Its founder is Dr. Royal Lee, known on the nutritional market with the nickname of “Einstein.” He based his beliefs of the supplementation nourishment on the idea that the source of an ingredient is more important than the quantity used, no matter which remedy contains it. Because of this, even a small number of a whole food can have a positive effect on people taking it.

This formula should offer both soluble and insoluble fiber that supports the digestive system, thus encouraging healthy intestinal environments which help with maintenance of the intestinal flora. This support is provided by the phytonutrients from the cellular walls of plants which supposedly work together to support several intestinal functions. This combination of whole foods and botanicals which contain multiple nutrients as well as soluble fiber should compensate for an improper diet of people with stressful jobs or surpass periods of change which affects their eating habits.


Ingredients of Standard Process Gastro-Fiber

Standard Process Gastro-Fiber includes the following ingredients: Dietary Fiber and a Proprietary Blend containing Psyllium (husk) powder, Collinsonia (root) powder, apple pectin, fennel (seed), and fenugreek (seed) powder.

Standard Process Gastro-Fiber
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    Linda Seals


    While on the 21 day Standard Process Cleanse and taking the Gastro Fiber as directed I had constipation the entire time. I took it for 30 days and I have ceased taking it after hours and hours of attempts at having a bowel movement. After the first 10 days I notified the one who got me on the cleanse and they said that corporate suggested cutting back to 4 a day. It did not do anything it said it should do. And I never had this problem before.

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