Standard Process Fen-Cho Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Fen-Cho
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Standard Process Fen-Cho
Standard Process Fen-Cho
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-13
5.08 / 10 stars
Standard Process Fen-Cho  Review

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Is Standard Process Fen-Cho Right For You?

Standard Process Fen-Cho represents a dietary supplement that was manufactured to help with consistent and natural intestinal movements by enhancing bowel functions as well as elimination. Behind this product is Standard Process.

With over eighty years of experience in the nutritional field since its creation in 1929, Standard Process is a well-structured and reliable nutritional distributor. It has all their products which surpass three hundred by number, divided into three major lines of production which are as following: Standard Process Veterinary Products, MedHerb, and Standard Process whole food supplements. Because of this, their influence extends to various areas starting from veterinary supplementation to herbal remedies.

This particular treatment focuses on the qualities of a unique blend based on Collinsonia root, okra, bile salts and fenugreek seed that are used for a large number of bodily functions and organs. The product’s main feature should be its support related to the flow waste material throughout the intestinal tract, which should help people get rid of undigested food, thus avoiding irritability, fatigue and bloating. Standard Process Fen-Cho is mostly recommended for people who lack proper hydration levels on a daily basis which is the leading cause of a slow-down in the intestinal activity.


Ingredients of Standard Process Fen-Cho

Standard Process Fen-Cho contains the following ingredients: Sodium, Fenugreek seed, Okra, Collinsonia root, and bile salts.

Standard Process Fen-Cho
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