Standard Process Cataplex B12 Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Cataplex B12
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Standard Process Cataplex B12
Standard Process Cataplex B12
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-12
5.69 / 10 stars
Standard Process Cataplex B12  Review

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Is Standard Process Cataplex B12 Right For You?

The core beneficial qualities promoted for Standard Process Cataplex B12 are supporting the blood health as well as general well-being. Particular benefits mentioned by the manufacturer who is called Standard Process include: promoting and supporting the production of the red blood cells, ensuring normal myelin synthesis and contributing to the health of the cognitive functions.

As an American company that currently takes pride by possessing an excellent reputation in the nutritional field, Standard Process distributes more than three hundred herbal formulations, dietary supplements and veterinary products all over the world. It was established in 1929. They introduced Standard Process Cataplex B12 on the market since 1950, and since then, they’ve used received feedback to optimize the amounts of its components.

Generally speaking, the remedy was designed for adults that desire to receive optimum levels of Vitamin B12 that are mandatory for an optimal body functioning. Particularly, people with Vitamin B12 deficiencies can have the most noticeable results from following this treatment.

An interesting claimed feature of this product is the fact that supports homocysteine management as well as folic acid metabolism. Because homocysteine levels have been associated with some diseases, the product focuses on offering nutritional support to maintain optimal levels, hence avoiding cardiovascular, immune and nervous disorders.


Ingredients of Standard Process Cataplex B12

Standard Process Cataplex B12 contains the following ingredients: Vitamin B12, Proprietary Blend: Carrot (root), bovine liver, calcium lactate, porcine stomach parenchyma, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, bovine adrenal Cytosol extract, oat flour, and ascorbic acid, Cellulose, honey, dicalcium phosphate, and cyanocobalamin.

Standard Process Cataplex B12
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