Standard Process Cataplex A-C Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Cataplex A-C
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Standard Process Cataplex A-C
Standard Process Cataplex A-C
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-11-24
6 / 10 stars
Standard Process Cataplex A-C  Review

Is Standard Process Cataplex A-C Right For You?

Standard Process Cataplex A-C is a natural remedy that has been advertised to maintain healthy tissues and support the good functionality of the immune system. The manufacturer and seller of this formula are called Standard Process. In a more particular sense, the product should provide antioxidants, maintain the health of mucous membranes as well as healthy epithelial and connective tissues and support the hematopoietic response.

The manufacturing company was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, and since then it has constantly been evolving along with consumer trends. It is currently one of the most popular nutritional companies in the world and focuses on ensuring the best manufacturing processes and providing products with carefully chosen concentrations of nutrients. They currently offer three main product lines which are MediHerb, Veterinary Formulas, and Standard Process.

The supplement features a mixture of a proprietary blend manufacturer does not specify it, and two vitamins claimed to ensure approximately 20-30% of the daily recommended dosages of vitamins A and C per serving. One of its particular features is the fact that its ingredients are directly derived from whole food sources which mean that its amino-acids, vitamins, and antioxidants are naturally occurring. Even though the product doesn’t come with an age-restriction, it’s better to monitor the children if parents decide to give this treatment to them.

Ingredients of Standard Process Cataplex A-C

Standard Process Cataplex A-C includes the following ingredients: Vitamins A and C and a proprietary blend of carrot (root), Echinacea (root), Calcium Lactate, Bovine adrenal, Bovine kidney, Nutritional Yeast, Magnesium Citrate, Alfalfa flour, Dried alfalfa (whole plant), juice Mushroom, Dried buckwheat (leaf), Buckwheat (seed), Bovine bone, Defatted wheat (germ), Oat Flour, Soybean Lecithin, Veal bone, mixed tocopherols (soy), rice (bran), and carrot oil.

Standard Process Cataplex A-C
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