Standard Process Catalyn Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Catalyn
5.19 out of 10 based on 2 user ratings
Standard Process Catalyn
Standard Process Catalyn
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-26
5.19 / 10 stars
Standard Process Catalyn  Review

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Is Standard Process Catalyn Right For You?

Standard Process Catalyn is promoted as a homeopathic remedy which contains whole food sources and vital nutrients designed to fulfill the nutritional gap in people’s daily diets. It comes in the form of chewable capsules with the taste of cherries.

The business responsible for creating this product is called Standard Process and was established in 1929 in the United States. It currently manufactures and sells around three hundred products which are divided into three major product lines that go by the names of Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, Standard Process whole food supplements, and MediHerb. Its founder, Dr. Royal Lee points out that from his perspective, the source of the ingredients used in supplements is more important than the quantity of each.

This formula focuses on maintaining the quality of the hair, heart, and skin by supporting the metabolism. The remedy was made in a healthy ecosystem created by using organic farming techniques like rotating crops, fertilizing the soil only with nutrient-rich cover crops as well as practicing weekend-control standards. These features, combined with the fact that their manufacturing processes are done under low-temperature and high-vacuum drying techniques, offer the enzymatic vitality and nutritional potential of the ingredients that aren’t disassociated into isolated compounds. However, their claims haven’t been yet tested by the Food and Drug Association.


Ingredients of Standard Process Catalyn

Standard Process Catalyn includes the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and a Proprietary Blend containing cherry powder, defatted wheat (germ), carrot (root), calcium lactate, nutritional yeast, bovine adrenal, bovine liver, magnesium citrate, bovine spleen, dried alfalfa (whole plant), soybean lecithin, pea (whole plant), and rice (bran).

Standard Process Catalyn
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    I have been using Catalyn for many years and have found it to be an excellent product and quite economical.

  2. 2

    Barbara Doherty


    I have been taking this Catalyn for about a month and a half and love the way it makes my 87year old body feel! I could hardly walk when I started and am about 50% better after only a short period of time. I can hardly wait to go on with this “real find” and get “young” again quickly! I have been taking Min-Tran with it and need refills. Where can I get them close to Castleton? How much are they? My limited income is no help in that direction.

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