Standard Process Albizia 1:2 Review

by Standard Process
Standard Process Albizia 1:2
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Standard Process Albizia 1:2
Standard Process Albizia 1:2
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-12-13
5.99 / 10 stars
Standard Process Albizia 1:2  Review

Is Standard Process Albizia 1:2 Right For You?

Standard Process Alzbizia 1:2 is advertised as an herbal supplement which is based on the extract from Albizia Bark. The manufacturer, Standard Process, claims that the beneficial effects of the products include: maintaining a healthy respiratory system as well as skin, supporting a normal immunity system, assisting with a clear breathing as well as helping the body’s resistance function increase.

The company was founded more than eighty-one years ago in the United States. Since then it offered the world a broad palette of products that can be easily divided into three major categories: veterinary formulas, dietary supplements, and MediHerb Line which provide the only herbal-based formulation. Standard Process Albizia 1:2 is featured in MediHerb Line, the product line of the company that focuses on prevention solutions and herbal treatments. Moreover, this combination helps people respond in a normal way towards occasional seasonal stress. It can even support the body’s organs of elimination as well as gastrointestinal and upper respiratory tract.

However, manufacturers focus on the fact that pregnant or lactating women should not be taken this product without the confirmation of their medical doctors. Even though the company claims that the treatment with Standard Process Albizia 1:2 should lead to no harmful side-effects, the ingredient’s specifications beg to differ.

Ingredients of Standard Process Albizia 1:2

Standard Process Albizia 1:2 includes the following ingredients: Albizia bark 1:2 extract from Albizia lebbek bark 2.5 g, purified water, and 25% alcohol.

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