Solaray Sharp Mind Review

by Solaray
Solaray Sharp Mind
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Solaray Sharp Mind
Solaray Sharp Mind
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-22
5.4 / 10 stars
Solaray Sharp Mind  Review

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Is Solaray Sharp Mind Right For You?

Solaray Sharp Mind is a brain supplement specially created to support cognitive function, memory, focus, concentration, quick learning, to reduce stress and fatigue and to promote general well-being. The company behind this product is Solaray, one of the most popular companies in this area. Solaray was founded in 1973 and is currently located in Brick, New Jersey, United States.

Unfortunately, there is little information on this particular product. The company is doing a good job in promoting its supplements, so the lack of information about this formula is a bit disturbing.

A 30-day refund policy accompanies all Solaray products. Please note that shipping costs are not refundable.


Ingredients of Solaray Sharp Mind

Solaray Sharp Mind includes the following ingredients: Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentose) (bark) 350 mg; GP Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) (seed extract) 25.2 mg (18%), aescin 140 mg, GP Ginkgo Biloba (leaf extract) 14.4 mg (24%), ginkgo flavone glycosides, terpene lactones 60 mg, DopaBean (Mucuna pruriens) (bean extract) 4 mg (20%), catecholamines, L-Dopa 20 mg, Levi-PS Phosphatidylserine concentrate (lecithin), Phosphatidylserine 10 mg; Vinpocetine 3 mg; Huperzine A (from Chinese moss [Huperzia serrata]) 10 mcg.

Solaray Sharp Mind
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