Snore Control Review

by Dr. King\'s by KingBio
Snore Control
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Snore Control
Snore Control
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-12-20
7,1 / 10 stars
Snore Control  Review

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Is Snore Control Right For You?

Snore Control is an oral spray which claims to deliver fast relief of excessive snoring. It’s distributed by KingBio from North Carolina, a company founded over 25 years ago. Strangely, King Bio says they are an FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturer, yet a footnote on their website says “The information on this website is presented for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.” KingBio also lists a disclaimer saying “The products and information contained herein are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical problems, or replace your doctor’s recommendations.”


Ingredients of Snore Control

Snore Control includes the following ingredients: Bromium, Chamomila, Cinchona, Cuprum met, Helleborus niger, Laurocerasus, Nux vom, Phoaphoricum ac, Rhus toxicondendron, Silicea, Stramonum, Zinc met. Equal Volumes of each ingredient in a Bio-Energetically Enhanced pure water base: 10x, 30x, & LM1 potencies.

Snore Control
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