Sleep in the Clouds Review

by Gaia Meditation
Sleep in the Clouds
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Sleep in the Clouds
Sleep in the Clouds
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-01-06
8.02 / 10 stars
Sleep in the Clouds  Review

Is Sleep in the Clouds Right For You?

Sleep in the Clouds is a one hour audio track designed to assist people who are prone to sleep discrepancies, who suffer from sleep disruptions caused by anxiety and insomnia and for those who simply want a more profound, improved sleep experience.

The manufacturer Gaia Meditation claims the audio track will promote relaxation in a matter of minutes, when you will reach a deep state of body and mind relaxation that allows for a deep, dreamless and restorative sleep. The audio track is best used right before sleep, using headphones. Sleep In the clouds is available with binaural beats as well. We will discuss the particularities of each product in the following section.

Gaia Meditation is a company specialized in offering audio products designed to assist people achieve spiritual and metaphysical well-being, as well as products targeting body and brain health. Sounds are recorded and transmitted using binaural waves, isochronic tones or none, and include a variety of types from bird, ethnic, and nature-imitating to piano or voices sounds.

Ingredients of Sleep in the Clouds

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