Simply Smarter Review

by National Academy for Child Development
Simply Smarter
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Simply Smarter
Simply Smarter
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-22
7.69 / 10 stars
Simply Smarter  Review

Is Simply Smarter Right For You?

Simply Smarter is a complex program that operates on an International scale. It is claimed to be a way to help children discover and develop their full intellectual potential. However, the children are the main focus of the program. Adults can also benefit from it.

National Academy for Child Development is the company behind this program. They are a group of various non-profit organizations.

According to them, Simply Smarter is the largest and most important programs in this area of research. It was designed to be a long-term development program that will help children achieve their full intellectual and cognitive growth.

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Simply Smarter
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    Matthew Zivkovic


    I bought Simplysmarter for myself after reading about how the brain uses sequential processing in almost everything we do. Your brain’s sequential processing is measured by your digit span (how many numbers you can remember on a regular basis). This article focuses on the use of this program for children, but it extremely useful for anyone that is looking to improve their overall brain function.

    When you start simply smarter they give you a series of base-line test to determine what your current digit span is. After that you begin the activities (which are basically the same as the base-line tests). The activities are curtailed to your base-line digit span. As you begin to score new high scores the activities will get incrementally harder.

    I started off at an over all 7 digit span. Im up to about 10 now and can say that it is making a significant impact on many aspects of my life. First thing I noticed is my ability to type on a keyboard has gone up drastically. When speaking my words seem to flow much easier and my vocabulary seems to be more sophisticated. My job is all internet and programming based so Im constantly confronted with complicated tasks that require a lot of sequential processing. I have noticed that my productivity and speed of which I can do my tasks at work has increased.

    I have also noticed a variety of other very positive results since increasing my digit span to 10. Loosing my keys has all but vanished from my life. I remember website address now with ease (i own about a thousand URLs so this important to me). I remember people’s names with much more ease. I can go on and on. Some might say this a placebo effect because Im so positive about my expectations from the program, but I have put my digit span to the test outside of the SimplySmarter program and have proven to myself that this is working.

    I cant say enough about SimplySmarter. I have two young children that are starting the program next week and my Mother has started it as well. For $10 a month and 10 minutes a day you can really make a significant difference in your brain function.

    The people at SimplySmarter said they are close to launching the new version of the program and that it is leaps and bounds better then the version I’m on now. So I can’t wait to upgrade to that when it comes available.

    Lastly, my goal is to reach a digit span of 15 or higher with in the next 6 months. I read an article about sequential processing and digit span (unrelated to SimplySmarter) that said people with a digit span of 13 or higher can take a difficult chemistry class and ace it with ease. Or learn a new language in a fraction of the time it would take a person with an average digit span.

    If your someone like me that constantly has worked out my entire life and has put so much care and time into my physical health, you will realize that working out your brain must be part of the daily regiment. At this time SimplySmarter is a great program to work your brain out and change your life for the better.

    I hope this helps someone out there looking to better themselves.

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