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by Bioneurix Corporation
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Date Published: 2011-06-17
Seredyn is a supplement that claims to be “scientifically proven to relieve anxiety, to help you feel more relaxed, confident, and in control.” As with many other claims, we have seen previously; this one is not backed up with data or evidence to prove the following Seredyn statements.
8.54 / 10 stars
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Effectiveness of Seredyn

While the manufacturer cannot prove that their formula is 100% effective and it works as advertised, they do cite several studies that appear to support the effectiveness of the ingredients included in Seredyn’s formula.

Seredyn contains a usual mix of ingredients, generally found in products available on the brain supplements market as performance enhancing substances. You will find, upon researching various products, which many manufacturers use L-Theanine (an amino acid commonly found in green tea) to develop similar brain supplements.

L-Theanine is particularly important and relevant to the core benefits of the formula because it can cross the blood-brain barrier, which is why supplements often contain this ingredient. This amino acid has been shown to reduce mental and physical stress, and improve cognition and mood.

Research involving L-Theanine also indicates that it may be useful in the treatment of schizophrenia when used in combination with other antipsychotic drugs. The same studies have shown that the substance is likely safe even when larger doses are administered.

While this is a vital amino acid, and something that human brain needs, there is some limited evidence that a combination of L-Theanine and herbal extract might not work as expected. Herbs can prohibit the amino-acid from acting as it should and from passing through the brain blood barrier as expected.

Another prominent ingredient in Seredyn’s formula is the Valerian extract, obtained from the roots of a plant called Valeriana officinalis. The correct dosage for this herbal extract is considered tough to determine, as there is a wide variation in the chemicals of the dried root. However, this particular formula contains a standardized to 8% Valerenic acid, an active chemical considered responsible for the plant’s sedative and anxiolytic effects. Valerian root is nontoxic but may cause side effects such as dizziness and disorientation when taken in high, excessive doses.

The manufacturer also mentions Seredyn’s side effects, including drowsiness, headache, stomach upset, and fatigue. As with all herbal approaches to stress and anxiety this two may only offer short-term relief and do not provide the brain with the nourishment it needs to restore the chemical balance.

An herbal approach is an artificial approach that only seems to mask the underlying issue. A much better solution would be providing the brain the right amounts of vital amino acids and neuro-nutrients (such as those found in whole foods). This is a much more natural alternative to herbs and vitamins, which may offer health benefits, but will not significantly help the brain.

Seredyn reviews from consumers are available. What is being stated includes the following:

  • It worked for my chronic insomnia, and now I am free of all the prescription drugs I used to take to manage it;
  • I experience fewer anxiety episodes than before, and I am confident in my future again;
  • This only helps me relax, and it has a mild calming effect, not working for my anxiety, though.

Seredyn dosage is one or two capsules taken up to three times a day.

Seredyn Price

A bottle of Seredyn contains 60 capsules and is sold for a moderate price. However, although the manufacturer states that a bottle provides the necessary month’s supply, this statement is valid only when the minimum dosage is administered. If the consumer uses the maximum daily dose (6 capsules), a total of three bottles would be necessary for covering a full month’s supply. This would make the monthly price paid for the formula very high, which is not something consumers should overlook when taking a decision.

A 60-day money back guarantee is available for unsatisfied clients. There are several conditions to be fulfilled upon returning a product, detailed by the manufacturer on the official site. This supplement is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website or from some online retailers. Some retailers may offer additional discounts.


Does Seredyn Work?

The information provided on Seredyn’s official website is abundant and relevant to consumers. The manufacturer does cite some studies and clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of the ingredients. Numerous links toward official and trustworthy sources are also provided. However, BioNeurix fails to provide the same evidence for the formula as a whole.

Seredyn’s reviews are available, and numerous positive testimonials and success stories can be found on the dedicated website, as well as some positive reviews on specific sites and forums. Seredyn for anxiety is mentioned as a core benefit. Nonetheless, it is our obligation to recommend the health care specialist’s approval before starting a medical treatment of any kind.

Seredyn side effects may also occur, as previously mentioned. Plus, an herbal approach is an artificial approach and often only masks the underlying issue. We believe that a much better alternative in providing the brain with the right amounts of vital amino acids and neuro-nutrients is by having a healthy diet.

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