SAD Soother Review

by Native Remedies
SAD Soother
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SAD Soother
SAD Soother
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-27
6.98 / 10 stars
SAD Soother  Review

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Is SAD Soother Right For You?

SAD Soother is a homeopathic remedy that addresses people suffering from the seasonal affective disorder. The supplement is manufactured by Native Remedies, a U.S. based company successfully activating on the dietary supplement market for many years now and which currently manufactures over 250 products for different conditions. The company claims to make all their products in modern FDA registered facilities, according to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

This remedy is a non-addictive natural product that contains only safe homeopathic ingredients. The product is meant to provide relief to those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder or winter blues, which causes depressive symptoms during the winter in people who normally have a healthy mental attitude. The supplement promises to elevate mood, improve overall energy and temperament during the cold times of the year.

The formulation contains only natural homeopathic ingredients, and no artificial colors or preservatives. The formula is nonaddictive and is safe for use in all ages, including during pregnancy, for young children or nursing women. This supplement sells at a low price and is available for purchase directly on the manufacturer’s website. Sad Soother also comes with an unconditional 1-year money-back guarantee on orders up to $200, less shipping fees.


Ingredients of SAD Soother

SAD Soother includes the following ingredients: Alum (30C), Aurum met (30C), Calc carb (6C), Citricidal extract, Nat Mur (6X), and Kali phos (6X).

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