Revital 8 Antioxidant Review

by Fusion Heath
Revital 8 Antioxidant
6.71 out of 10 based on 3 user ratings
Revital 8 Antioxidant
Revital 8 Antioxidant
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-07-07
6.71 / 10 stars
Revital 8 Antioxidant  Review

Is Revital 8 Antioxidant Right For You?

Revital 8 Antioxidant is a dietary supplement which is claimed to be a potent antioxidant formula, combining various Chinese and Western herbs.

This formula is offered by Fusion Health, a famous Australian manufacturer. Their products are based on both ancient and modern Chinese formulas, blending both Eastern and Western medicinal herbs. Although their products are expensive, the company assures customers that no sugar, yeast, artificial colors or any other form of preservatives are included in their formulas.

The manufacturer claims this formula is a rich source of antioxidant substances that can prevent free radical damage and promote healthy skin, eyes, circulation, joints, digestive tract and liver. Revital 8 Antioxidant is also said to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in normal healthy individuals and promotes healthy aging.

Ingredients of Revital 8 Antioxidant

Revital 8 Antioxidant includes the following ingredients: Japanese Knotweed, Grape Seed, Milk Thistle, Green Tea, Black Pepper and Turmeric extract.

Revital 8 Antioxidant
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3 User Reviews or Add One about Revital 8 Antioxidant Review

  1. 1

    Well it works for me. I used to be plagued by 2 or 3 colds a year. Now I might get one tiny little bug I hardly notice in the middle of winter. I don’t bother with Vit C, garlic, horseradish etc. This one’s all you need!

  2. 2

    Ana cussinet


    Before they changed the formula and increased I the content of green tea extract I loved it. I find it too strong and I even get nausea if I have not eaten a decent breakfast….I am having a break after reading liver damage can occur by Green tea extracts supplements.

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