Remotiv Review

by Flordis Natural Medicines
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2014-04-25
5.62 / 10 stars
Remotiv  Review

Is Remotiv Right For You?

Remotiv is promoted as an herbal based natural remedy that may be effective in alleviating symptoms of mild anxiety, nervous tension, irritability, and stress. The formula is offered by Flordis Natural Medicines, an Australian manufacturer specialized in providing herbal medicine and pharmaceutical products based on modern science and knowledge of natural therapeutic remedies.

Remotiv is marketed as based on a particular extract of St John’s wort herb commonly used within scientific studies and trials. The reason for using such an ingredient is the proven benefits and the traditional belief that the plant extract is one of the best stress reliever offered by nature.
The formula itself has been used in several clinical trials (involving over 2,000 human subjects), evidence indicating improvement of the symptoms characterizing the conditions above. The studies also revealed the formula’s safety as only a few mild side effects have been reported in the form of gastrointestinal distress.

The formula is also advertised to contain a reduced percent of a substance known to cause the common interactions with other medications, a substance called Hyperforin. However, the formula is not recommended for those already under antidepressant or mood-altering medication without the consent of an informed physician.

Ingredients of Remotiv

Remotiv includes the following ingredients: St John’s wort.

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