RelaxaMag Review

by Wellness Resources
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2014-02-24
7.36 / 10 stars
RelaxaMag  Review

Is RelaxaMag Right For You?

RelaxaMag is a nutritional supplement promoted as a unique Magnesium supplement, specifically designed to fight against stress and improve the body’s tolerance to it. The product is the result of the medical research and is developed by a certified nutritionist from Wellness Resources Company named Byron J. Richards. He is claimed to be one of the numerous science-based nutritional supplements created by this nutritionist.

The advertised benefits of the formula are in supporting cardiovascular health, healthy muscle and nerves structures and normal sleeping patterns. The product is marketed to provide a highly absorbable form of Magnesium which ensures superior potency in improving sleep and coping mechanisms associated with stress. The formula is based on several derivatives of Magnesium, such as Glycine, Citrate, Fumarate, Malate, and Succinate. Magnesium is an important mineral which is known to participate in more than 300 chemical reactions and processes throughout the body, thus bringing huge benefits on the overall health.

RelaxaMag contains a superior form of Magnesium (called Magnesium Glycinate) that is bound to certain relaxing amino acids, making it highly bio-available to the body and increasing its relaxing effects. The formulation also includes Kreb’s cycle nutrients for faster transportation of Magnesium into cells and maintenance of proper oxygen levels in the mitochondria. The capsules are advertised as easy to digest and assimilate.

Ingredients of RelaxaMag

RelaxaMag includes the following ingredients: Vitamin C (from magnesium ascorbate), Magnesium (from diglycinate, ascorbate, and Krebs nutrients), Glycine (from magnesium diglycinate), Citrate (from magnesium citrate), Succinate (from magnesium succinate), Fumarate (from magnesium fumarate), Malate (from magnesium malate), Alpha-keto glutarate (from magnesium alpha-ketoglutarate), Magnesium Stearate, Silica, and cellulose capsule (Vcap).

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