ReDormin Review

by Flordis Natural Medicines
5.81 out of 10 based on 2 user ratings
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2014-04-29
5.81 / 10 stars
ReDormin  Review

Is ReDormin Right For You?

ReDormin (Ze1019) is designed as a natural remedy clinically proven to assist in the relief of sleeplessness and insomnia. The formula is manufactured by Flordis Natural Medicines, an Australian company that produces a relatively low number of nutritional supplements, some of which have been clinically proven products (suggesting that these are high quality, effective formulations). Most products offered by this same manufacturer are herbal based, but the manufacturer also offers a fish-oil supplement and a mineral-based formula (against muscular cramps and spasms).

ReDormin is advertised do contain a standardized extract blend of Valerian and Hops, combined in specific amounts and shown in clinical trials to improve sleep quality. The formula is claimed to decrease sleep latency (the period before falling asleep) and improve sleep quality, providing a much restful sleep.

This supplement may be used by adults and adolescents over 12 years old who have difficulties in falling and staying asleep, people who are in the process of regulating sleep patterns, and those who wish to improve the quality of their sleep for a more refreshed start of the day.

ReDormin is marketed as a superior product due to the specific combination of active ingredients which makes the difference between products that use the same active substances. The growing, harvesting, processing technologies and the part of the plant used are several others important factors that contribute to the formula’s increased potency.

Ingredients of ReDormin

ReDormin includes the following ingredients: Valerian (Valerian Officinalis) and Hops (Humulus lupulus).

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2 User Reviews or Add One about ReDormin Review

  1. 1

    Lindiwe Mhlanga


    I ditched my effective sleeping pill for Redormin. I have been taking it for 10 days and I do not see any change in the quality of my sleep. I take forever to fall asleep and get up several times at night. I doubled the dose once and I got some 5 hours of sleep. I also want to know if there are any side effects of overdosing and long term use of this product.

  2. 2

    Pathiswa Sharmaine


    I had been struggling to sleep for three months due to a severe stress and anxiety. Tried so many herbal products to fall asleep because I am afraid to be addicted. Consulted and sleeping pills was recommended and I stopped them in a short period of time because did not want to be addicted. Tried ReDormin by drinking 2 last week but I did not fall asleep. The next day I drank 4 and I slept 4 hours and I decided to take six on the third day and I felt good because I slept for nearly six hours which is good for me. My concern, is there an overdose or addiction in this pill since its plant or herbal. Thanks Patty

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