PurZanthin Review

by Stop Aging Now
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2014-05-02
6.25 / 10 stars
PurZanthin  Review

Is PurZanthin Right For You?

PurZanthin is advertised as a cutting-edge antioxidant based on the purest and most natural form of Astaxanthin (Zanthin). The product is developed and marketed by the American manufacturer Stop Aging Now, a large producer of nutritional supplements. The company was established in 1995 and claims to be dedicated to providing high-quality natural solutions for the ailment of numerous health claims. The offered products are classified in several major classes such as Omega-3s, Immunity, Energy, Antioxidants, Heart, Brain, Digestion, Vitamins, etc.

This supplement is part of the Brain category along with several other formulations. It is based on the therapeutic benefits of Astaxanthin included in a patented compound advertised as to provide twice more antioxidant protection than synthetic Astaxanthin. The formula’s listed benefits are skin and eye protection usually harmed by excessive sun exposure), anti-aging skin support (it maintains the elasticity and prevents dryness, wrinkles, and age spots), and potent support of several other systems and organs such as the nervous and immune system, joints, and muscles.

The formula is made in an FDA-inspected the facility to meet the current standards of USP regarding purity, quality, potency, and disintegration. It is manufactured using a special technology which also guarantees the long-term stability and freshness of the active compounds making PurZanthin a more potent formula.

Ingredients of PurZanthin

PurZanthin includes the following ingredients: ZANTHIN Astaxanthin Complex, ZANTHIN Extract Astaxanthin Complex (Natural CO2 Extract of H. Pluvialis), Olive Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified water, O2B Botanical peroxidation blocker (including natural non-GMO soy mixed tocopherols and spice extract).

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      The manufacturer mentions this is “for adults only”. Also, if you are on medications, pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health care physician prior to taking any supplement. Do not take if you have any bleeding problems. Do consider asking for a professional advice prior to taking any dietary supplement including this one.
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