PureCalm Review

by Native Remedies, LLC
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Date Published: 2011-06-17
PureCalm is a brain supplement marketed by Native Remedies and advertised as a fast acting formula for achieving an overall positive mood. The manufacturing company also claims that its active ingredients can soothe nervous tension and balance emotions during times of pressure. While herbal supplements are usually healthy, they do not offer a complete brain support required for peak performance.
8.59 / 10 stars
PureCalm  Review

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Effectiveness of PureCalm

Native Remedies claims that PureCalm is “a 100% safe, non-addictive herbal remedy” that has been specially formulated by a “professional clinical psychologist for the needs of adults and children alike.”

Three key ingredients can be found in PureCalm. First, and perhaps the most important one, is the Passion flower extract (Passiflora incarnate). This plant is considered, by traditional herbalists, a very potent remedy and it is believed to have powerful soothing properties as a general nerve tonic. According to several studies conducted by Dr. Akhondzadeh, Dr. Shahin, Dr. Vazirian M. and Haghavi, H.R in 2001, this plant may be useful in treating the symptoms of mild anxiety and mild depression.

The second essential ingredient is the Lavender Extract (Lavandula augostifolia). Lavender is one of the most popular medicinal herbs available on the market at this moment. Millions of people all over the world are using Lavender into raw form (tea) or as a supplement. Lavender contains the active ingredients tannins, coumarins, flavonoids, triterpenoids and volatile oil.

PureCalm’s natural herbal ingredients are clinically shown to maintain various nervous and cognitive functions by supporting physical health and mental equilibrium with calming effects in patients required to cope with stress on a daily basis. The manufacturer does not mention PureCalm side effects. However, the individual implications of the herbs may result in dizziness, skin rash, headache, increased appetite or constipation.

The supplement should be administered orally by diluting it in small amounts of water or just ingesting the drops. The recommended dosage may vary according to the age of the patient. The recommended dosage for adolescents and adults aged 15 and above is 10 to 20 drops, three times a day (0.50 ml). For kids aged 6-9, the daily recommended dosage is one drop per year of age.

PureCalm reviews are widely available online. What is being stated includes the following:

  • Seems to be helping me fall asleep and stay asleep;
  • While we were not ready to believe the “fix all” approach to this formula, we found that the formula helped us with the occasionally elevated stress, irritability and sleep issues. Great stuff;
  • If it were not for the very pungent taste, I would enjoy taking the supplement much more, because it seems to do what it says, and that is rare.

Our research revealed a relatively high number of complaints coming from unsatisfied consumers who have encountered difficulties in either receiving or returning the product. However, the general opinion seems to be positive. Overall, Native Remedies appears to be a reputable and well established US company with an excellent track record among its customers.

PureCalm Price

PureCalm is an averagely-priced supplement. The product is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website or from various online and offline retailers. Some retailers may offer additional discounts and price facilities, such as two products for the price of one or “buy two, get one free.”

The manufacturer recommends using the formula for at least 30 days. Unsatisfied customers are encouraged to return the product within a year from the date of purchase in order to benefit from a full refund (less shipping and handling costs). An invoice or order number should also be communicated when returning the products.


Does PureCalm Work?

PureCalm reviews and testimonials are positive and available in large numbers. Consumers have reported positive results after using this supplement: fewer symptoms of nervous depression such as anxiety and loss of appetite.

However, it appears that this product works better when taken in association with proper medication and not alone. Thus, we advise our readers to consult their doctor before taking this treatment. He may be able to recommend you a proper treatment in association with this product.

Many specialized websites highly recommend PureCalm for those who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression, meaning that this supplement may not be as effective in treating chronic depression.

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