#14. Procera AVH

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Procera AVH
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Procera AVH
Procera AVH
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
Procera AVH is a brain supplement using the herbal remedy approach to the issue of mood enhancement, brain fog, forgetfulness, mood swings, sleep loss, aging, and poor diet. The formula seems to address a rather high number of health issues given the fact that it only features three powerful nutrients. These health claims are not sufficiently scientifically supported as we will try to demonstrate further in this review
8.6 / 10 stars
Procera AVH Review

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Effectiveness of Procera AVH

While the formula is advertised as a supplement that can increase cerebral vascular blood flow and support increased memory capacity and mood, there are a few issues with the product that concern us.

First of all, the Procera AVH ingredients list is not fully disclosed, the inactive ingredients being, intentionally or not, omitted. We were able, however, to find a full list of ingredients on the website of an online retailer (you can check a complete list of ingredients above).

The official site simply states that their formula “contains a proprietary blend of safe, natural and effective ingredients,” a wholly unsatisfactory affirmation that for us and probably for many other potential consumers, is not sufficient. The product label list several inactive ingredients, but the exact amounts of each core Procera AVH’s ingredient are not mentioned either. Only the total number consisting of 1,515 mg of proprietary blend is listed.

Another problem we have with this product is the large number of health issues that Procera AVH claims to address. From general brain support to reducing the impact of poor diet, this formula seems to be doing them all. Of course, this is not entirely impossible, and it would be amazing if a product could actually offer such a wide range of health benefits, but we reserve the right to remain reticent until further evidence of Procera AVH’s effectiveness is provided.

Procera AVH contains three key ingredients: Vinpocetine (a natural extract of the periwinkle flower), Huperzine A (a Chinese Club Moss Extract that works as an Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor), and Acetyl –L-Carnitine (a natural element that can be found in the human body and brain).

There are no amino acids mentioned in the list of ingredients, so this product is unlikely to offer any serious brain benefits. Amino acids are needed to nourish the brain and create the appropriate environment necessary to increase your mood and memory level, reduce mental fog, and encourage a good night’s sleep.

The website claims that the supplement can restore the levels of neurotransmitters like Acetylcholine, but this is most likely not possible without ensuring adequate levels of amino acids and neuro-nutrients. These ingredients are not listed in the product description, and there would be no reason not to.

Procera AVH reviews are rather numerous, and most of the testimonials are available on websites other than the manufacturer. There is a concerning number of Procera AVH reviews reporting minimum to no results. Some consumers claim that Procera AVH is, in fact, a scam, as there is, in fact, no ground for the formula’s effectiveness, but rather a very aggressive and deceiving type of marketing.

On the other hand, our online research has also revealed a significant number of positive testimonials. We cannot confirm however if these testimonials are real or not.

Procera AVH Price

A bottle of Procera AVH contains 60 tablets, which should be enough for 20 days of treatment at a recommended dosage of 3 tablets per day. Considering that two bottles of Procera AVH are needed to cover a full month of treatment, the formula is an expensive supplement, and many consumers may not be able to afford it. However, the overall price may vary from one retailer to another.

Some retailers may also offer additional discounts and even free shipping for larger purchases. A 30-day refund policy is available for consumers who are not satisfied with the formulation. This is extended to a 90 day period for those who have purchased 6 or 12-month supplies, the refunds referring to the price for any unopened bottle less shipping and handling taxes.


Does Procera AVH Work?

Procera AVH appears to target the elderly or senior citizens, although this is not clearly mentioned on the official site. While the manufacturer claims this product is side effects free, we advise our readers to consult with their doctor before taking this brain supplement. The formula benefits of a rather aggressive marketing and are distributed by a relatively high number of online retailers.

Brain Research Labs is trying to advertise Procera AVH by displaying several noteworthy clinical trials and studies on this product. However, most of these studies were performed outside of the United States, and the results of these tests are not made official.

Another red flag rises. Other Procera AVH reviews claim the formula has no beneficial effects whatsoever.

The full list of Procera AVH ingredients cannot be found anywhere on the official site, making access to dosage information almost impossible.

Based on all these observations, we have to say that the answer to the question “Does Procera AVH work?” is rather difficult to formulate with absolute certitude regarding whether this supplement is effective or not and what safety issues may arise from its use.

Procera AVH
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