#10. Prevagen

by Quincy Bioscience
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
Commonly advertised as a "brain power supplement," Prevagen by Quincy Bioscience has quickly become one of the most popular brain supplements in the United States. With a strong company behind the formula, and with an aggressive advertisement campaign in the past few years, Prevagen has overtaken most of its competitors and it aims to become a "best seller" in the United States. Prevagen brain supplement claims to strengthen the brain, boost brainpower and maintain healthy cognition. In addition to helping with memory loss, the formula is also supposed to improve concentration and focus skills.
8.7 / 10 stars
Prevagen Review

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Commonly advertised as a “brain power supplement,” Prevagen by Quincy Bioscience has quickly become one of the most popular brain supplements in the United States. With a strong company behind the formula, and with an aggressive advertisement campaign in the past few years, Prevagen has overtaken most of its competitors and it aims to become a “best seller” in the United States.

Prevagen brain supplement claims to strengthen the brain, boost brainpower and maintain healthy cognition. In addition to helping with memory loss, the formula is also supposed to improve concentration and focus skills.

Is Prevagen Right For You?

Prevagen is advertised as an excellent brain supplement designed to boost brain power, improve overall brain health, and help you focus on tasks during the day. The company behind this supplement is Quincy Bioscience; a biopharmaceutical company focused on the “discovery, development and commercialization” of different supplements. Most of their formulas are based on a patented protein called Apoaequorin. The company was established in 2004 in Wisconsin and, according to their claims, has been collaborating with Dr. James R. Moyer. The official Prevagen website describes Dr. James R. Moyer as “an expert in the field of calcium-mediated cellular mechanisms.”

But how does Prevagen work? Well, the science behind the formula is quite straightforward: the brain will always try to protect its cells from degradation generated by the aging process by producing a unique protein that controls cellular calcium: Apoaequorin. If calcium levels are too high, the integrity of the cells will be severely damaged. With the natural aging process, this particular protein is generated in smaller amounts, leading to a high level of cellular calcium. Prevagen will replenish the amounts of Apoaequorin, thus reducing cellular calcium levels.


Ingredients of Prevagen

Prevagen includes the following ingredients: Apoaequorin (patented protein), white rice flour, sodium chloride, magnesium stearate, and acetic acid.

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58 User Reviews or Add One about #10. Prevagen

  1. 2

    Suzanne Stanlaey


    I have excellent memory, but it’s a little slower sometimes. i would try prevagen if it will not upset the balance in my health. i have had a liver transplant, open heart surgery and ductal carcinoma in situ. All successful. What is your opinion as to any side effects from prevagen? I take b/p meds, tacrolimis, a calcium pill which includes D, magnesium, etc. I also take wharfarin. Please reply with any dangers in your opinion when taking Prevagen on top of the above meds. Thank you.

  2. 3

    Diane Nichols


    My mom is taking this and has improved her memory like 85%.she is 81she has early Alzheimer’s. Mood swings really bad.I can tell a difference since she has been taking this

  3. 4

    I just started taking the 10 mg. of Prevagen and noticed my stomach starting hurting and a little muscle tightness in my shoulders. It is also giving me heartburns. It has only been a few days since I have been taking this supplement. I am trying to hang in there. Has anyone else experienced any these symptoms? Thanks

  4. 5

    William King


    As a Research Fellow in the industry, I have yet to see proof that orally consumed proteins can be absorbed via the intestinal epithelia. Humans absorb protein by first breaking them down to short chain peptides which are small enough to transit the gut lining. Then there is the challenge of transit across the brain barrier. No credible mechanism to contradict this has ever been pulished in peer reviewed scientific journals. The makers of Prevagen have a huge hurdle to overcome in explaining how their protein could even reach the brain.

  5. 6

    Prevangen is the best memory supplement I have ever used. I have taken Focus Factor for five years which helped with names and such. When I started Prevagen six months ago I saw a drastic uplift in overall memory both short and long term. I am using the extra strength and highly recommend this product for anyone who has memory issues.
    It took about a month to realize the improvement in my memory and it just keeps getting better with time.

    Tony King

  6. 9

    Eileen Guirguis


    This is dangerous. Took it and stroked out. Now left sided pain from stroke. No no no leave this product alone. Save your money and possibly your life.

    • 10

      Elaine Fontana


      I am glad you spoke up about this drug. When I heard it advertised I thought this would be great for my son who had a stroke last year, with the resultant loss of short-term memory. I def would not want him to stroke out again due to this drug. Thank you for your honest comment. Even though it was posted some months ago, I am glad it was available. Hope your pain has now subsided.

  7. 11

    If you are forgetful but not old enough to be having those kind of issues…Give Prevagen a try. I am in my 30’s and started forgetting everything. I believe this is because of stress. It helped me a lot and I noticed the difference almost instantly.

  8. 12

    My husband uses Prevagen to improve his memory. He was becoming more forgetful and sometimes couldn’t remember where he’d put objects like phone, keys, or glasses and searched for hours. I decided to order it for him, although it’s far more expensive than most memory pills. I thought it must also be more effective and safer. After a couple of weeks I can’t see much improvement, neither does my husband, but we’re going to renew his supply for another month, and if in two months we will still not see benefits, we’ll drop the treatment. I’ll come back with an update.

    • 13

      If your husband is over 60 and having progressive memory problems, then it may be appropriate to see a Neurologist for evaluation. He may have something going on that Prevagen can not treat.

  9. 14

    Prevagen didn’t do anything good for me. I bought a two month’s supply and I feel I just threw my money out the window. I still have memory lapses and feel tired all the time.

  10. 15

    I took this supplement to improve memory/brain fog and all that came out of it was a horrible feeling/pain sensation which seem to generate between heart and brain. I know it sounds strange. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, then I thought of the supplement that I was taking. I stopped taking it and this sensation/pain went away. Not a good product at all!! Great marketing though!

  11. 16

    I have given Prevagen to my lady for just over 1 month and I think that it has helped her.
    I think for a better evaluation I want to see the results after 90 days.

  12. 17

    Carmen Briscoe


    Prevagen was recommended by a friend of mine who’s also a doctor. He told me that it is an expensive supplement, but the benefits are incomparable to those of other memory pills. I rely on my memory to recall my speeches, which are a great part of my job. Prevagen keeps me focused and sharp, and it’s all I could wish for. I didn’t notice any side effects yet.

  13. 18

    Eileen Rosetta


    I take Prevagen whenever I have a very busy period at work. It has helped me many times in better focusing and using my memory at maximum capacity. Great product!

  14. 19

    Patricia A. Ford


    I really feel so much on top of my game with this supplement! It didn’t make a life-changing difference, but it definitely simplified my life because I don’t have to focus as hard on things anymore, it just comes naturally.

  15. 20

    My work demands a constant study and I no longer have the focus and memory of a young men so I started using this product in order to keep up with the research. It was a good decision and I now have a better learning experience.

  16. 21

    Kimberley Nikki


    Because in my job in finances, i often found myself forgetting details in stressful situations. This product is what i needed without any other effects that can influence my work flow. I recommend it for office jobs everywhere.

  17. 22

    My parents couldn’t afford to send me to college and finally at 30 years old, I have enough money to leave the country and chose one. It is hard for me at this age to keep up with all the requirements, but I have decided to give myself this chance and give it a try anyway.I have gave up almost all of my stuff, except for a few things that I have decided to take with me. Prevagen is for sure one of these things, because it helped me a lot to clear my mind, concentrate better and put my thoughts in order. Thanks!

  18. 27

    I am taking Prevagen for almost 7 weeks and I don’t see any changes in my concentration ability. I wished for a lot more from this product, but in the end I was disappointed.

  19. 28

    If you want to boost your brainpower, you have to train yourself every day. You have to be involved as much as you can in smart activities that requires concentration, memory and continuous learning. Nothing like Prevagen or any other supplements or medication will help you to be smarter. You can’t just sleep and wake up the next day being smarter after you took a pill the previous night.

    • 29

      Not everyone can train their brain as easily. There are biological differences and not everyone has the same DNA structure or neuron similarities. Nootropic and other congnitive support supplements coupled with a healthy lifestyle, good sleep and yes, brain training exercises can really change peoples’ lives. Intelligence can be increased over a period of time through various methods including supplementation.

  20. 30

    Prevagen is no different than other brain power supplements. There is no miraculous treatment for better concentration and memory. The brain must be trained and the person should be motivated enough in order to not lose interest. You should learn something new every day and this might be enough for keeping your brain and memory healthy.

  21. 31

    Prevagen did nothing in my case. My aunt recommended me this product, because it worked for her, but unfortunately I haven’t noticed any improvements after a few months treatment. I have to find something else.

  22. 32



    Lately, it was so easily to become distracted and spend so much time with irrelevant things. I almost forgot my goals and I ended up doing nothing at all. The results have been useless and discouraged me. After a few months of Prevagen, I am starting to feel back on track.

  23. 33

    When I first started having memory problems I got very scared. I had heard a lot of horror stories about it and I was afraid I would have serious problems. As it turns out, it wasn’t that serious and all I needed was a special diet, a less stressful schedule and a little help from Prevagen.

  24. 34

    Hello. I am here to share with you how good Prevagen was for me. I suffer temporary memory loss related to episodes of high anxiety. I usually take very powerful drugs but that makes me more sick than well. Prevagen helped me slowly get rid of my problem. I took over six months, but now I’m the happiest man in the world.

  25. 35

    After 5 weeks treatment I have noticed some progress with my word found problem and lapses of memory. It was pretty annoying and embarrassing for me to not be able to have a proper conversation without interruptions. Thanks!

  26. 36

    I have started taking Prevagen, because my mother insisted but I can say that my memory and concentration significantly improved and I have started to do pretty well at school. I can learn faster and I have more free time and better grades. Great deal!

  27. 37

    My mother bought this for me before I stated college. I have been using it regularly without pause. I’m sure it has helped me a lot because I have never felt that I am in trouble or that I am not able to do well in school. I think if it is worth a try.

  28. 38

    I have recently started training for a memory enhancement and accelerated learning program. After the training ends I will teach others how to apply these techniques. Sadly for me, I was very anxious about succeeding and I started noticing problems. Prevagen has helped me eliminate those concerns and go on with the training without fear of failure.

  29. 39

    I honestly didn’t read much about this product. I just saw “memory” printed somewhere and I got it on instinct. I got it because I need something to give me more confidence at work. I don;t have problems with memory loss so I can;t testify on that. Anyways, my experience with it was kinda ok. I managed to do very well and it may be in part due to Prevagen

  30. 40

    I took Prevagen for my grandfather, because he is lonely almost all the time and he is starting to forget things. I have decided to move with him and train his brain! After a few weeks of treatment and love, he is feeling better! We should never neglect our loved ones!

    • 41

      I’m happy your grandfather has you. Outliving your friends makes people feel disconnected. You are providing your grandfather connection to the here and now. You are wonderful.

  31. 42

    I study a lot of tech stuff every month because I work as a consultant and I need to be extremely well informed and nothing should surprise me. I take Prevagen because I’m afraid all this information will begin to affect me in a negative way. So far I’ve had no problems.

  32. 43

    I think it helped me a lot this year. I was in need of something potent enough to get me through all the insanity that happened at work. People can do all sorts of crazy things to cling to their jobs and some of my colleagues were no exceptions. Now that they’re gone I can relax again.

  33. 44

    I’ve started having memory issues after head trauma in a car accident. My doctor said it’s nothing serious and that I will fully recover in a couple of years. However, I am a very impatient man and I had no intention in waiting that long. That’s why I turned to several supplements, Prevagen being one of them. I don’t know if this one was the one that did the job, but now after six months I don’t have any issues anymore.

  34. 45

    I am a very active person and I often like to work on multiple projects simultaneously. I’ve dealt with it all without problems up to about one year ago when I started suffering from exhaustion. Since the I’ve improved my diet and sleeping schedule but it still wasn’t the same and I felt I could not focus as good as I used to. When I decided to take a brain supplement I honestly chose one randomly. Luckily for me Prevagen did its job and now I’m back in full swing.

  35. 46

    Chase Z.


    I can’t feel any effects after one month of use. My patience is running out. If it doesn’t start making a real difference in a couple of weeks, I will give up.

    • 47

      Forget about Prevagen, My mother, father, and six other relatives 50-69 yrs old independently living relatives used it for 3-5 months with ZERO CHANGE

      • 48

        I figured I wasted time and money. I have been taking for 4 months now and have not had a change in memory function or anything else that the company claims the product is suppose to help with.

  36. 49

    I’m kind of torn, since both my parents used it but only my mom felt better. I guess it does not work for everyone.

  37. 50

    Prevagen has done wonders for my mother! Her memory has improved significantly and she doesn’t get tired so easily anymore. Before, she slept like two hours in the afternoon (she doesn’t anymore).

    • 51

      I agree, Sylvia. I used to take these in college, to keep my grades straight while i was working a part time job. tough times, bu these made thins a little bit easier

  38. 52

    I don’t think Prevagen works for me. As soon as I stopped taking my old medicine and switched to this one, I once again started to forget where my keys were, where my kids had said they were going, if I left the oven on and stuff like that.

  39. 53

    I recommend this supplement to those who want to try something different than common cognitive enhancers based mostly on multivitamins. I read that Prevagen is scientifically documented and decided to give it a try a few months ago. After the first month of use I felt more energized and my memory seemed to be better with each day. This product helped a lot, I am now able to recall information from long time ago. My mind is clearer. I think it’s definitely worth the money!

  40. 54

    I can back up what they say about taking 30-90 days to work. The first month, I didn’t notice much of a difference, but by the 2nd bottle, my thinking became much sharper. I remembered chore lists much better and was more focused at work, less distracted. The third month had a bit more improvement and then I would say I leveled off. Prevagen is $39.95, which at just over $1 per day, is worth it to me.

  41. 55

    I used this for a week hoping to get an extra boost in my day. I can say that this does NOTHING. I didn’t notice a change in anything.

  42. 56

    I have become more focused and alert after using this product on a daily basis. As far as the memory booster part, I haven’t really seen much of a difference there.

  43. 58

    I would recommend people should give this product a try and see if it benefits them the same way it has for me.

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