#10. Prevagen

by Quincy Bioscience
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Date Published: 2011-06-17
Commonly advertised as a "brain power supplement," Prevagen by Quincy Bioscience has quickly become one of the most popular brain supplements in the United States. With a strong company behind the formula, and with an aggressive advertisement campaign in the past few years, Prevagen has overtaken most of its competitors and it aims to become a "best seller" in the United States. Prevagen brain supplement claims to strengthen the brain, boost brainpower and maintain healthy cognition. In addition to helping with memory loss, the formula is also supposed to improve concentration and focus skills.
8.7 / 10 stars
Prevagen Review

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Effectiveness of Prevagen

According to the manufacturer, Prevagen is a brain supplement that has the property to bind calcium in cells, thus reducing the damage which occurs when the body stops producing enough calcium binding proteins.

To support their claims, Quincy Bioscience provides some clinical studies and research documentation. While the FDA has not confirmed these research studies, the official Prevagen website claims that consumers will feel the first positive results in 30 to 90 days.

The key ingredient of this formula is a protein called Apoaequorin. This protein is extracted from jellyfish, it was first discovered in the early 1960’s, and it is responsible for the whole calcium binding process. Quincy Bioscience has conducted many research studies, and it appears that, according to these studies, the Apoaequorin protein mainly benefits consumers by enhancing their decision-making skills, mental clarity and helps them improve the short- and long-term memory.

The manufacturer also claims that the supplement is side effects free, non-toxic and well-tolerated. Despite these claims, some consumers have reported several side effects associated with the use of Prevagen.

Prevagen testimonials are available online. What is being stated includes the following:

  • I have just completed 30 days of treatment, and I am sorry to say that the product was completely and utterly ineffective;
  • This seems to work for me rather well. My sleep duration and quality both improved;
  • To my surprise, the supplement helped me clear my head of early morning fogs and the urge to nap after lunch.

Prevagen Price

Each bottle of Prevagen contains 30 capsules, enough for one month of treatment at a recommended dosage of 1 capsule per day.

Prevagen is an expensive brain supplement compared to other brain supplements, and some consumers may not be able to afford the monthly treatment. The product should be available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website or from various online and offline retailers.

Some retailers may offer additional discounts, free shipping or even free bottles for larger orders. A 30-day money back guarantee covering the purchase price (less shipping and processing) is available for all orders.


Does Prevagen Work?

The aging process affects both body and brain. The supplement has been advertised as a miraculous treatment that can provide fast and noticeable results in the fight against most common aging effects. Notably, Prevagen is most praised for its memory improvements and sleep benefits.

If Prevagen is as good as advertised by the manufacturer, consumers will greatly benefit from its therapeutic value. However, with the supplement’s shortcomings, caution should be taken before its consumption.

The claims behind the formula appear to be supported by several clinical studies and researches. While some of these studies have not been confirmed by the FDA, this product does look promising.

Prevagen reviews are mixed, with a relatively equal number of supporters and critics. Some consumers have reported improvements after taking this product, while others claim no effects whatsoever. Prevagen side effects should also be noted in the decision to use the formula. Above all, we advise caution, and we recommend our readers to further research into this product before making a purchase.

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