Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3 Review

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Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3
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Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3
Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-03-07
9 / 10 stars
Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3  Review

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Effectiveness of Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3 Review

The formula is based on the benefits of three active compounds which have shown real benefits in the development of babies in their fetal stage.

DHA, one of the three Omega-3 fatty acids (along with EPA and ALA) is an animal based compound found in high quantities in fish oil. Numerous scientists and doctors have endorsed DHA based supplements as very potent ways to provide the necessary support for a healthy cognitive and nervous system function. But the most important benefits of this compound are probably those referring to the proper development of the central nervous system, brain, and vision in fetuses and newborns. Studies have shown that the human brain “prefers” DHA to other fatty-acids and proper amounts of this compound have been associated with increased learning and thinking capabilities. Mother’s milk is a rich source of this nutrient, however not all newborns are fed with mother’s milk long enough or at all in some cases. As a result milk powder has been enriched with DHA; its role in promoting optimal development in children under 3 years old is incontestable at this time.

Improper DHA levels have been associated with various mental and mood disorders including ADHD, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, circulatory system problems (arthritis, hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, or thrombosis), or type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D3 is known to be crucial for Calcium absorption within the body. Pregnant women should also be very careful to get enough amounts of this vitamin. Vitamin D deficiencies have been associated with preeclampsia, a severe condition that endangers the lives of both the mother and the child. Vitamin D is also important for maintaining immune system function and may result in children that are less prone to colds, flus, asthma and even cavities. In early childhood, proper amounts of vitamin D are absolutely necessary for maintaining the health of the bone system and support a normal development and growth of strong, healthy bones.


Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3 Price

Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3 is available for online purchasing on the official site for the price of $18.95. A bottle contains 90 softgels which are the equivalent of 45 days of regular use. So for $18.95 you will get a month and a half supply. A lifetime money-back guarantee is also available. Free shipping is ensured for orders that exceed $30.

Does Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3 Work?

In terms of composition this is a very simple supplement. However it delivers two very important nutrients in adequate amounts that follow the recommendations of the specialists (vitamin D3 and DHA). Both fatty acids and vitamin D3 exert incontestable benefits in humans, and pregnant women are particularly advised to be careful and maintain appropriate levels of these nutrients.

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