Prelief Review

by Akpharma
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-04-29
7.12 / 10 stars
Prelief  Review

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Is Prelief Right For You?

Prelief represents a dietary supplement which was designed to help individuals who are either hypersensitive to acidity or have high levels of acidity within their stomachs. By normalizing acidity levels, bodily issues such as occasional heartburn, urinary incontinence, or bladder pains may be avoided.

The manufacturer of this product is a company named Akpharma which was founded in the year 1957 by Alan E. Klingerman. They state that the reason behind its development was to help individuals maintain their health and life quality by facilitating digestion and letting people eat a wide array of foods without having further issues. Among their most popular remedies, there are Beano and Lactaid and have become popular on the nutritional market within America.

The most recent product release was Prelief and it focuses specifically on stomach acidity, given the fact that there are a lot of people with urinary problems as well as bowel distress. It features a combination of phosphorus and calcium that are contained in quantities that are safe to take and shouldn’t create any type of discomfort. It comes in two forms, granules and tablets so that all people who don’t like taking tablets can also follow the treatment. However, children shouldn’t take this product without the supervision of an adult.


Ingredients of Prelief

Prelief includes the following ingredients: Calcium and Phosphorus.

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