Poke Root Herbal Oil Review

by Mountain Rose Herbs
Poke Root Herbal Oil
6.68 out of 10 based on 1 user ratings
Poke Root Herbal Oil
Poke Root Herbal Oil
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-11
6.68 / 10 stars
Poke Root Herbal Oil  Review

Is Poke Root Herbal Oil Right For You?

Poke Root Herbal Oil is an herbal remedy promoted as helping in the treatment of symptoms associated with mastitis and breast lumps in general. The company behind the product is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a North American manufacturer of herbal supplements, natural cosmetic products and bulk spices and herbs. It has a twenty-five-year background in developing and selling herbal alternatives for a variety of health concerns. The company is a certified organic herbs processor. It sells certified organic products, and when it is not possible to make an entirely natural formula, it uses herbs harvested using an environmentally friendly technology.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, Poke Root Herbal Oil is obtained by infusing organic poke root in a base of organic olive oil. The product is supposed to help women with breast inflammations, mastitis symptoms such as breast tenderness, swelling, warmth to the touch, burning sensation or pain while breastfeeding, fever and red wedge-like patterns on your skin. It should be powerful, as poke root is infused in olive oil for several months. Poke root is itself a potent herb, and as a consequence caution is required as it can cause serious side effects when not used correctly.

Ingredients of Poke Root Herbal Oil

Poke Root Herbal Oil contains the following ingredients: Poke root (Phytolacca Americana), and Olive oil.

Poke Root Herbal Oil
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1 User Reviews or Add One about Poke Root Herbal Oil Review

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    Linda Kanzinger


    I have been using it in treatment of cancer of the nipple of the breast. At first I did not notice anything and did not know if it was working, but after a while I would awake with pain-a burning pain-in my breast. Poke was described as “burning out the cancer cells”! This would happen about once a week or so-the pain was a good sign and actually felt therapeutic. I stopped after 6 weeks as it was recommended to take a break after 6 weeks. I will definitely be going back to using poke! I called myself Burning Woman the mornings after I would “the healing pain”.

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