Parotid PMG Review

by Standard Process
Parotid PMG
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Parotid PMG
Parotid PMG
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-07-17
5.03 / 10 stars
Parotid PMG  Review

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Is Parotid PMG Right For You?

Parotid PMG is a dietary formulation which supports the health of the salivary parotid gland. The supplement is manufactured by Standard Process, a reputable company which enjoys a vast market experience. The parotid gland is one of the largest pairs of salivary glands, with an essential role in the production of saliva and hence the digestive process. When something interferes with the well functioning of the glands, the entire digestive process may be affected, and from here numerous health conditions may appear.

Standard Process delivers a variety of healthcare solutions in the form of dietary supplements and natural remedies. Additionally, the company offers a range of whole foods, as well as a veterinary formulas line. More than 300 different products are currently marketed under the Standard Process brand. The company’s focus is on ensuring high quality of their formulations, in all stages of product development, from farming to shipping.

Parotid PMG is designed to assist people who want to support the health of the parotid gland, as well as for those who for some reason face problems with the well functioning of this gland. The formula enjoys a long tradition of use ever since its first introduction in 1955.


Ingredients of Parotid PMG

Parotid PMG includes the following ingredients: Proprietary Blend(Bovine parotid PMG extract, calcium lactate, and magnesium citrate), Cellulose, and Calcium Stearate.

Parotid PMG
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