OystaCal Review

by Sallamander Concepts
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-05-29
5.15 / 10 stars
OystaCal  Review

Is OystaCal Right For You?

OystaCal is an organic calcium dietary supplement designed to offer a form of natural and highly-bio available calcium to the body. The formula, manufactured by Sallamander Concepts, is enriched with vitamin D which maximizes the absorption of the mineral thus increasing its potential benefits.

Sallamander Concepts is a small company founded in 1998 in the Republic of South Africa. The company is specialized in marketing a broad spectrum of nutritional supplements and beauty care products (especially for skin care). The range of products also includes Essential oils and home tests offered as a help for self-diagnose. The formulations are shipped worldwide from London using the Royal Mail. No other courier is used because that would increase the prices.

OystaCal is advertised to provide 125% of the Recommended Daily allowance of calcium in a single dose, meaning 2,500 mg calcium carbonate, plus 500 IU of vitamin D. The mineral is obtained from oyster shell which is a highly bio-available form. However, organic oyster shells may sometimes be contaminated with heavy metals. This is not the case for the mineral in OystaCal, which has been purified and is guaranteed as a safe source.

The formula is advertised as formulated to support all individuals who want to maintain normal calcium levels and are interested in preventing the various conditions resulting from a deficiency.

Ingredients of OystaCal

OystaCal includes the following ingredients: Calcium carbonate and Vitamin D.

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