Organically Bound Minerals Review

by Standard Process
Organically Bound Minerals
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Organically Bound Minerals
Organically Bound Minerals
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-03-12
7.63 / 10 stars
Organically Bound Minerals  Review

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Is Organically Bound Minerals Right For You?

Organically Bound Minerals is a remedy advertised as containing a blend with a good proportion of minerals obtained from alfalfa and kelp. Overall, it promotes the health of connective tissues, encourages proper enzyme function, and offers antioxidants, thus directly targeting the cognitive system.

The company that made this formulation and offered it to the public in 1935 is called Standard Process. They have been active since 1929 and designed a series of products which range from veterinary formulas to whole food supplements. The founder of this business is called Dr. Royal Lee and based it on the idea that the source of an ingredient is far greater than the quantity used in each remedy. Furthermore, he claims that upon harvesting, plants are immediately washed and afterward promptly processed, thus the nutritional integrity was properly preserved.

This formulation features approximately 275 mg of dried alfalfa juice mixed with 85 mg of kelp. Furthermore, each tablet should supply 60 mg of natural occurring alkaline ash minerals. Standard Process has provided a sheet for each of their products in which they explain the provenience of their ingredients as well as some other specifications related to its usage or possible counteractions or side effects.


Ingredients of Organically Bound Minerals

Organically Bound Minerals includes the following ingredients: Iodine, Dried Alfalfa (Whole Plant) juice, and Kelp.

Organically Bound Minerals
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