#15. Okra Pepsin E3

by Standard Process
Okra Pepsin E3
6.19 out of 10 based on 6 user ratings
Okra Pepsin E3
Okra Pepsin E3
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-03-29
6.19 / 10 stars
Okra Pepsin E3 Review

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Is Okra Pepsin E3 Right For You?

Okra Pepsin E3 is promoted as a dietary supplement which aims to support intestinal functions by providing bowel cleansing and supporting bowel functions. It is currently manufactured and sold by a company named Standard Process.

Founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, this company has had a fair share of positive reviews from people who have tried their products. Its founder was nicknamed the “Einstein of nutrition” and based his business on the idea that the source of an ingredient is of higher importance than the amount used in any nutritional remedy. Because of this, he thinks that even a small quantity of a whole food supplement, for example, can make a difference for the individual who is following that specific treatment. A particular feature of the company is the fact that their products were divided into three categories which are MediHerb, Whole Food Supplements, and Veterinary Products.

The manufacturer claims that degreed chemists and microbiologist are regularly conducting analytical and bacterial tests on the raw materials to the finished supplement, thus ensuring quality as well as safety. Furthermore, the nutrients haven’t been disassociated into separate components. Thus they should have been kept complete and intact nutritional compounds. For the nutritional potential and enzymatic vitality to be preserved, there were only high-vacuum drying and low-temperature techniques used.


Ingredients of Okra Pepsin E3

Okra Pepsin E3 includes the following ingredients: Cholesterol and a Proprietary Blend containing Okra (Fruit), fat-soluble extract (from alfalfa), Sunflower (seed), carrot (root), Tillandsia usneoides, buckwheat (leaf), pea, bovine orchic extract, pepsin, carbamide, alginic acid, and allantoin.

Okra Pepsin E3
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6 User Reviews or Add One about #15. Okra Pepsin E3

  1. 1

    Jimmy Lambert


    What I love about this formula is that I can take it just when I have problems (mostly diarrhea whenever I eat something my digestive system doesn’t like) and it works very fast. I can feel improvements from the first couple of hours after taking it. Otherwise I would spend 2-3 days on the toilet which is a real torture.

  2. 2

    Prince D.


    I didn’t find Okra Pepsin to be as effective as some say. It did improve my bowel problems a little, but I still feel discomfort most of the days, after meals. I will continue to search for more effective supplements…

  3. 3

    I have tried all sorts of supplements to help with my bowel problems, but some of them would do nothing if not worsening the symptoms. Okra Pepsin E3 was very helpful, I don’t feel bloated all the time, there aren’t any embarrassing noises coming from my bowels anymore and my digestion is perfect.

  4. 5

    After searching for a natural way to balance my intestinal activity and solve the problem with my very slow digestion, I discovered Okra Pepsin. I asked my doctor to look at the ingredient list and he was OK with using the product. I am now completely “healed” and all the problems I experienced before are gone. Let’s just hope it will continue to work without adverse reactions.

  5. 6

    Michelle Simmons


    Okra Pepsin is a reliable help for me because I have been suffering from stomach burns and poor digestion since I was a teenager. Thanks to this formula I no longer feel the discomfort I often experienced after a bigger meal. It’s great!

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