Nutrilite Ocean Essentials Review

by Nutrilite Health
Nutrilite Ocean Essentials
7.45 out of 10 based on 0 user ratings
Nutrilite Ocean Essentials
Nutrilite Ocean Essentials
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-22
7.45 / 10 stars
Nutrilite Ocean Essentials  Review

Is Nutrilite Ocean Essentials Right For You?

Nutrilite Ocean Essentials is promoted as a supplement that can support memory, allow someone to learn in less time, and help them stay focused. Many people feel that their mind isn’t as powerful and effective as it once was and this in turn reflects on their personal and professional life. To avoid this, most people resort to using brain supplements in order to improve their mental abilities.

Nutrilite Health is the company that offers Nutrilite Ocean Essentials. They are located in Michigan and you will find their complete physical address on the official website. They do offer a toll free phone number for customer service. Further (contact) information can be found on this site.

Orders may be placed over the phone, by fax, or through the secure online ordering system. There is a 180 day refund policy offered for orders of Nutrilite Ocean Essentials. In this sense, Nutrilite Health is very generous. The customer won’t be entitled to a refund of any shipping and handling costs, and this usually means getting back 15% less.

Ingredients of Nutrilite Ocean Essentials

Nutrilite Ocean Essentials includes the following ingredients: DHA and EPA.

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