Nuphedrine Review

by Good Health
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2014-01-29
5.57 / 10 stars
Nuphedrine  Review

Is Nuphedrine Right For You?

Nuphedrine is advertised as a potent weight-loss supplement that may be helpful in helping users with burning more calories, stimulating thermogenesis, increasing the ratio of lean muscle to fat, improving the athletic performance, and reducing appetite. The manufacturer of this formula seems to be a company called Good Health, but the only information about this manufacturer is its e-mail address (indicated on the presentation page of the manufacturer).

The product is advertised as being based on two of the most potent ingredients: a patented compound called Advantra-Z and the herbal extract of South Africa Hoodia. Advantra-Z is promoted as based on the highest concentration of Synephrine, featuring a 30% concentration. This is the highest potencies available for this extract. Advantra-Z is promoted as scientifically proven to considerably boost metabolism without noticeable side effects (it does not affect heart rate, cardiovascular system or the central nervous system). The other active ingredient is claimed to be based on a highly concentrated extract of the African cactus species Hoodia. The active substance has been standardized to a 20:1 ratio (which means it is concentrated for 20 times). Hoodia is apparently a protected species of plants, and the international authority C.I.T.E.S strictly controls its export.

Nuphedrine is however promoted very aggressively. The manufacturer even claims that their formulation is the perfect nonprescription diet pill. This is an unsupported assertion, particularly because there is no clinical research involving the actual formula. The supplement is advertised as most effective when combined with healthy diet and exercise.

Ingredients of Nuphedrine

Nuphedrine includes the following ingredients: South African Hoodia, Advantra-Z, and Slimaluma.

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