NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium Review

by Native Remedies
NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium
7.42 out of 10 based on 0 user ratings
NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium
NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-04-04
7.42 / 10 stars
NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium  Review

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Is NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium Right For You?

NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium is promoted as a dietary supplement which aims to support healthy nerves, muscles, and bones in order to determine a proper function of the body. The manufacturer of this product is called Native Remedies.

This company has been established in Florida, USA in 2002. Its main purpose is offering natural approaches for a variety of medical conditions or just for enhancing an individual’s lifestyle. They claim that their mission is offering the most qualitative and effective cures on the nutritional market and they state that they are a “trusted source of natural remedies.” Furthermore, the variety of their products includes formulas designed to support digestive, nervous, urinary, immune, and reproductive systems’ health. They have two major categories on their official website, one for people and the other one for pets.

This formulation contains mainly calcium and magnesium. Compared to other similar supplements, this one is promoted as featuring sophisticated ingredient sources in order to provide better absorption. However, none of these claims have been FDA tested and only existing customer testimonials may be a support of these statements through the positive remarks. The producer states nothing about the manufacturing processes of this remedy, thus potential customers can’t be certain of GMP appliances.


Ingredients of NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium

NR Essentials Calcium/Magnesium includes the following ingredients: Calcium (40% calcium malate, 40% calcium citrate and 20% calcium carbonate), Magnesium (80% magnesium succinate and 20% magnesium oxide), Krebs Cycle Intermediates, Succinic Acid, Citric Acid, and Malic Acid.

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