Nitrofocus Review

by Inspire3
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-11-25
5.64 / 10 stars
Nitrofocus  Review

Is Nitrofocus Right For You?

Nitrfocus is an MP3 audio program designed to increase the brain’s focus levels and productivity in performing daily tasks. This is one of the successful products offered by Inspire3, a leading company in the field of audio programs aimed to enhance brain’s abilities. The company is based in London. Their object of the activity is creating specific products aimed to improve the quality of life by acting directly on the brain. Similar products created by this company are the popular Brain Salon and Brain Evolution System.

This particular program seems to offer a single, but highly significant benefit: the appropriate audio support for increased concentration ability. This compilation is based on the same technology used for all the other Inspire3 products called brain entrainment. It is a scientifically researched and proven method that influences your brainwaves and enhances the brain’s ability in performing different tasks (such as learning, concentration, relaxation, or stress management).

Nitrofocus acts particularly on the “focus brainwaves” helping your brain reach a particular state of concentration while blocking any distraction background sounds. The program is offered for adults over 18 years old interested in increasing work productivity, ability to be more creative and efficient, sharpening concentration, improving their study results or getting more housework done in less time.

Ingredients of Nitrofocus

Nitrofocus includes the following ingredients: Not applicable.

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