#27. Neuro-PS

by Puritan's Pride
8.39 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
Neuro-PS is another formula from Puritan’s Pride aiming to improve the memory, sharpening mental focus, promoting mental clarity and helping with learning ability. It is very interesting that the official Neuro-PS website clearly states that the FDA has concluded that there is little evidence to support the claim that PS will reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly.
8.39 / 10 stars
Neuro-PS Review

Neuro-PS is another formula from Puritan’s Pride aiming to improve the memory, sharpening mental focus, promoting mental clarity and helping with learning ability. It is very interesting that the official Neuro-PS website clearly states that the FDA has concluded that there is little evidence to support the claim that PS will reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly.

Is Neuro-PS Right For You?

Neuro-PS is a brain supplement advertised to help consumers improve memory, sharpen mental focus, promote mental clarity and assist them in developing their learning skills. The company behind this supplement is called Puritan’s Pride. According to their official website, Puritan’s Pride has founded over 40 years ago with the sole purpose to make the finest quality nutritional supplements available at the best prices possible.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer fails to provide valuable information regarding their ingredients, specifics about the formula, clinical studies and information to support their claims, which is not uncommon for dietary formulations that are not regulated by the FDA or any other standard-setting authority. Please note that this observation is true for almost every supplement available out there, not just for Neuro-PS by Puritan’s Pride.

As a plus, many Puritan’s Pride formulas have received positive reviews from consumers, which is reflected in the good overall company image and good reputation, and further translates into a good business model.

Puritan’s Pride does not list any side effects associated with the use of Neuro-PS, but it recommends women who are pregnant, nursing or taking any prescription medications to consult their doctor before use.

Ingredients of Neuro-PS

Neuro-PS includes the following ingredients: Neuro-PS (Phospholipid complex from soy lecithin) (standardized to contain Phosphatidylserine, 300 milligrams), soybean oil, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, soy lecithin, vegetable cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Natural caramel color, vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide color, silica, and Calcium Silicate

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24 User Reviews or Add One about #27. Neuro-PS

  1. 3

    Michael Crist


    I’m a regular buyer of Puritan’s Pride products. In general I’m very satisfied with the quality of their products. However, the onus for determining which supplements to buy and their effectiveness rests solely with consumers.

    Neuro-PS Gold is a relatively expensive supplement compared to other essentials like Vitamin D & Magnesium.

    I bought the product when it was on sale, and quite frankly I’ve found no justification for a re-order.

    Further, I’ve had a prolonged bought of diarrhea for the past two months, and suspect one or more of my supplements as the culprit.

    [This deduction followed a visit to my gastroenterologist, and multiple blood & stool tests, which all came back negative for such things as Celiac Disease.]

    Many consumers complain about the “oiliness” of the capsules, and combined with Triple Omega & Medium Chain Triglycerides [MCTs]… I’m probably getting too much in the way of “oils”.

    So, without any definitive results which justify the expenditure… I would recommend trying another less expensive alternative.


    I’m only taking one-third of the recommend daily dosage [i.e. one capsule per day vs. three]. Yet that’s still 500mg, and most recommended daily dosages I’ve seen on the internet say 300 mg. is enough.

  2. 4

    I found Neurons PS to be a decent supplement. I did increase focus and awareness. However I think it is wise to down dose off the supplement for a few months and then get back on it. It appears to be ineffective after long term usage, and it hampered my multi-tasking abilities because I had the urge to only focus in on one thing at a time. I also advise not to take too much, you tend to be more focused on one thing and pay less attention to what’s around you. That could be good and bad.
    Overall I give it a B if used properly.

  3. 5

    I you are like me and obsess over various memory puzzles and such, you will no doubt have tried at least one of the supplements listed on this website. I can tell you that from the 10 products I tried Neuro-PS was clearly among the best. Top notch!

  4. 6

    It is a great supplement for improving memory, focus and concentration . Great way to prevent and treat memory lapses and lack of concentration. The entire family is using this and we have convinced a couple of friends to try it.

  5. 7

    This supplement helped my son to make progress at school. My son has issues concentrating and also a poor memory. This formula helped him to pay more attention at his classes and also I have noticed that he is starting to remember more important information from his lessons than he used to.

  6. 9

    This thing helps me write my book. I have gone over numerous instances of writer’s block with its help. I was previously using a weird drug that gave me stomach upset and sometimes even headaches. I’m glad that I found this one in time.

  7. 10

    I got Neuro-PS because I was advised by my wife. I have a lot of new information to process every week and a lot of new things to learn. So far I did not make any big mistakes, so I guess it does something right.

  8. 11

    David Morse


    Neuro-PS was recommended by my fellow colleagues at the factory. They said it is a good way to help improve focus and that it should be a good way for me to keep my concentration while configuring all the machinery. It seems that they were not talking silly things. It really is a good focus solution.

  9. 12

    Neuro PS is not that particularly good. It’s not bad by any mean, but I expected a lot more from what I have read about it. For me it provided just a slight increase in awareness, which is pretty low for that kind of price tag.

  10. 13

    Not being able to handle serious meetings is my prime fear. I take a lot of supplements of different kinds and my choice for a brain supplement is Neuro PS. It helps me do a lot more and a lot better. It’s only a piece of my big puzzle, but it’s an essential one.

  11. 14

    I am very fearful that my diet does not provide me with all that I need. I can’t afford to make mistakes at work of get in fights with my family. That’s why I take supplements like these just in case I miss something. So far I haven’t had any problems with Neuro-PS so if you’re in my shoes you might consider it.

  12. 15

    I’ve used it for a while to improve my chances in passing a rapid reading and accelerated learning class. Those things are quite demanding and I was afraid I could not handle the pressure. I don;t know if the product had anything to do with it, but I was able to concentrate very well and I got maximum points on all the trials.

  13. 16

    Being able to focus properly is one of the most important goals of any person in this day and age. And Neuro-Ps is one of the ways you can achieve that. I am very satisfied with it. Taking charge of my life and not letting others make my decisions has been an immense step ahead for me. If you find yourself at that point, a good brain supplement may be the right thing to count on.

  14. 17

    I use this as a study aid for two moths a year and it’s working exactly as intended. A big Thumbs Up from me.

  15. 18



    I don’t think this product helped me in any way. I am feeling exactly the same after a month of usage and I don’t have the patience to try it for more time than I already have.

  16. 19

    We didn’t notice any significant improvements in our teenager son since he started taking Neuro-PS. His mind still starts wandering whenever he has to do his homework. I think we’ll switch to Focus Factor, I saw it has plenty of positive reviews.

  17. 20

    Harry Houdini


    I tried Neuro-PS, and it didn’t work. It would have depressed me, but I forgot about it. Having a bad memory ain’t so bad after all.

  18. 21



    I’ve been taking this product for a week and recognize a slight improvement in mental clarity. As with all medications, supplements, vitamins and foods results or reactions will vary from one indivdual to another based on deficiencies or body chemistry. It is my belief that mental decline is a natural age related process and vitamin therapy may reverse or slow down this process if QUALITY ingredients are used (which are usually costly) in the formula. As in most cases you get what you pay for.
    To early to recommend this product but I will post postive or negative results after a few months.

  19. 22

    I’m a 29 yr old that has taken this on a regular basis and I have to say, these are ok. Plus side for me is that being mostly herbal too. It took a while for them to kick in with me. About 1 week or so after I took a normal dose I could feel an improvement. I held an hour long conversation with my friend about my life goals and future. I can rarely hold conversations with people because I always lose train of what I’m trying to say. I get too distracted

  20. 23

    Neuro-PS may be an effective tool for minor memory improvement, but do not understand that this is a great product. It doesnt work miracles so dont expect that. it still needs to be tested and proven treatment.

  21. 24

    I personally had taken Neuro-PS Review for a natural memory enhancer without success. Actually I became more depressed afterwards because it didnt work. Not good.

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