#3. Neu-Becalm’d

by NeuroGenesis, Inc
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Date Published: 2011-06-17
Neu-Becalm'd is one of the complete brain formulations reviewed on this site. It is an amino acid approach to balanced brain chemistry which may prove to be a useful alternative for many types of people (who are suffering from ADD, ADHD, and anxiety symptoms or simply affected by modern's society numerous stress factors). The company behind this product is NeuroGenesis, started from the desire to create an amino-acid based product to naturally replenish the body's essential nutrients to restore its normal state of health.
9 / 10 stars
Neu-Becalm'd Review

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Effectiveness of Neu-Becalm’d

The human brain, to function properly, requires large quantities of certain chemicals called neurotransmitters. When stress reaches high levels, the brain is often depleted of these essential nutrients, which reduces its performance and impairs its ability to function normally. In some situations, this leads to more severe conditions that alter the quality of life.

However, the human brain has evolved to naturally produce these neurotransmitters when provided with the right quantities of raw materials necessary in the synthesis processes. These raw materials are the nutrients we get from food (whole food) every day. However, our healthy diet is often not able to provide the quantity nutrients we need. The best solution in this situation is to use an amino-acid based supplement (like Neu-Becalm’d) advertised to contain the same chemical elements as whole foods.

As such, this product works by providing specific amino-acids and vitamins that don’t naturally occur in the body but can improve brain performance.

The idea behind this formulation is to supplement the brain and body with the right ingredients. By doing so, consumers will focus and feel much better in general.

Another great thing about amino-acid supplements is that they are rarely associated with unwanted side effects.

As stated above, Neu-Becalm’d is promoted as an all-natural remedy for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), hypertensive (high blood pressure) and stress-related conditions, as well as alcohol and drug recovery maintenance. The formula contains a proprietary blend of L-Glutamine, Phenylalanine, 5 Hydroxy Tryptophan (better known as 5-HTP), Vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, and folic acid (Folate).

Vitamin B6 and folic acid deficiencies are associated with anxiety and depression. Several clinical studies support the claim that supplementation with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, and folic acid can help reduce symptoms of ADHD and ADD.

5-HTP is an essential brain nutrient due to its ability to convert into Serotonin, one of the “feel good” neurotransmitters responsible for providing mood balancing benefits and regulating sleeping patterns.

Neu-Becalm’d side effects are claimed to be minimal, headache being most commonly reported side effect. However, please keep in mind that 5-HTP and other key ingredients may trigger additional side effects which you should be aware of: stomach pain, nausea, drowsiness, and muscle problems, but these are very uncommon.

Neu-Becalm’d Price

Neu-Becalm’d is sold throughout some affiliate websites, and the price seems to vary from one retailer to another. One bottle of Neu-Becalm’d contain 90 capsules, which should be enough for up to 30 days of treatment at a recommended dosage of 1 to 6 capsules per day, but usually, three capsules per day are what most people take.

This supplement is an averagely-priced product and should be available for purchase from numerous online and offline retailers. Some retailers may offer additional discounts and even free shipping for larger orders.

A 90-day money-back guarantee is mentioned, with no further details being offered. An inquiry with the manufacturer may prove useful at this point.


Does Neu-Becalm’d Work?

There are several similar products inside the same product range, which can make your choice a little more complicated. Overall, Neu-Becalm’d seem to be a high-quality product that has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials. Unfortunately, it does lack some of the vital ingredients that we would have liked to see inside it.

We have rated it higher than many other supplements as it is much closer to the goal of providing real brain nourishment, but Neu-Becalm’d still fall a little short.

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