Myco Logic Review

by Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories
Myco Logic
5.55 out of 10 based on 0 user ratings
Myco Logic
Myco Logic
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-23
5.55 / 10 stars
Myco Logic  Review

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Is Myco Logic Right For You?

My Logic is promoted as a product that allows the nerves to improve and be able to regenerate. As a result, it is said that a person can improve their cognitive abilities and reduce the risk of dementia later in life. The reason behind such supplements’ success is tied to the fact that aging is an irreversible process that every person can observe, and it is not only the human body that has to suffer its consequences.

Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories offer Myco Logic. This company’s history is not covered on their website. They don’t display their physical address or provide any phone number to get into contact with them. There is a secure form you can complete if you want to place an order. You have to submit your name, email, phone number, and what you need help with and someone will get into contact with you.

Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories’ view on refund policies might not be entirely satisfying to some, but at least they offer you the possibility to return the product within seven days after receiving it. However, the refund policy states that this only applies to unopened bottles. They won’t issue a refund for any product that has been opened. They also state that there is a 15% restocking fee that applies to returns and that shipping costs aren’t refundable.


Ingredients of Myco Logic

Myco Logic includes the following ingredients: Samambaia, Motherwort, Monkeyhead, Reishi, and Rosemary Extract.

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