MindPlace Kasina Review

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MindPlace Kasina
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MindPlace Kasina
MindPlace Kasina
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2015-12-21
8.9 / 10 stars
MindPlace Kasina  Review

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Is MindPlace Kasina Right For You?

MindPlace Kasina is a product that uses Light and Sound technologies for the purpose of helping users achieve the deepest meditation and calmness states. The company behind this product claims their product will provide Zen-like mindfulness and peace and break undesired harmful states like restlessness and anger. The innovative activity of this company started in the late 1980’s and Kasina is their latest light sound entertainment system.

To be more accurate, the system includes an MP3 player equipped with an 8GB microSD card containing over 50 audio-visual excursions. The sounds range from soothing sounds usually present in nature to ambient electronic tapestries, or embedded binaural brats and isochronic pulses – all accompanied by synchronized visual experiences.

MindPlace Kasina is described as “the most mature product yet” developed by the manufacturer. The combination of amazing visual effects able to illuminate both visual and mental fields with the flowing sounds result in a product able to tranquilize and sooth excessive mind chatter, creating the perfect set for deep meditation.

The product is suited for those who probably don’t suffer from more severe forms of mental imbalances, but are negatively affected by their need to function in a stressful society like ours. MindPlace Kasina could be the perfect evening (or morning) relaxing time, and if you discover it helps sooth the mind and body, it is also a very little invasive risk free way of relaxing.


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