#39. Mind Soothe

by Native Remedies
Mind Soothe
8.14 out of 10 based on 18 user ratings
Mind Soothe
Mind Soothe
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
8.14 / 10 stars
Mind Soothe Review

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Is Mind Soothe Right For You?

Mind Soothe is a very basic herbal brain supplement. This product is manufactured by Native Remedies, a company with a good reputation on the market for dietary supplements. That’s why we find it strange that this company thinks a blend of Hypericum perforatum (also known as St. John’s Wort) and Passiflora incarnata (also known as Passion Flower) is the solution to providing a balanced mood, improving emotional health and wellness, improving motivation, and improving sleeping habits among several other claimed benefits. MindSoothe ingredients have however been the subject of certain research studies which we will mention in the following sections.

MindSoothe is advertised as a 100% safe, non-addictive, natural herbal remedy that has been specially formulated by a clinical psychologist for adults and teens. Children can choose the MindSoothe Jr. formula as an alternative, which is specially designed to their needs. The supplement has received some positive reviews and testimonials, but we will take a closer look at this formulation to determinate how effective it is.

Native Remedies provides a decent amount of information about this supplement and offer their business address, which is important. They also offer and some testimonials to validate this product. We always support such approaches and would encourage the initiative, since there are many companies out there which do not even list basic information about their products. Also, there is a significant number of MindSoothe reviews to guide our assessment process.


Ingredients of Mind Soothe

Mind Soothe includes the following ingredients: Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort), and Passiflora incarnata (Passion Flower).

Mind Soothe
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18 User Reviews or Add One about #39. Mind Soothe

  1. 1

    I have had a few good times with this product during use. It took a while for any effects to show and it seemed like it would not be enough. Eventually it became better and it made me feel better. Since then it has been decent, but not particularly great.

  2. 2

    My day-to-day plans and activities were seriously affected by my anxiety and nerves levels. Mind Soothe really alleviate all the symptoms of anxiety and it is perfect for me to keep a balanced mood and also to improve my emotional health.

  3. 3



    This product has helped me a lot with my mood swings. I am more balanced, healthier and my motivation significantly improved. I sleep better at night and I feel great.

  4. 4



    This is a subtle enhancement for your day. If you are like me and do not have any significant conditions, only minor annoyances, this is perfect for you. Otherwise, I doubt it will do anything. None of my friends have manged to get rid of serious stuff with this one.

  5. 5

    Mind soothe had a calming effect on my psyche. I relax more often and it is easier for me to analyze what am I doing and why I am doing it. It’s an interesting state to be in and that’s why am grateful for trying this.

  6. 6

    This is the first time I take something like this. I expected to not feel any difference but I was pleasantly surprised in the end. It helped me keep my cool in some very stressful situations and I was able to take important decisions without panicking.

  7. 7

    I think people should not expect more than a subtle effect from this. It’s only fair considering what’s in the bloody thing. But that’s ok, not everyone wants a product that provides massive benefits. Even a small effects can be just enough for your situation.

  8. 8

    I don’t like to fight with my family and I don’t think anyone else does. However it’s pretty hard no to when there are a lot of issues to deal with. I take Mind Sooth and it’a a lot easier for me to keep myself on track and avoid needless arguments.

  9. 9

    My friend has big problems with the sleep. Every night she goes to sleep after 3 am and in the next morning she gets up at 6 am. I am really worried that she will have serious health problems if she doesn’t find a cure. I see that Mind Soothe contains Passiflora and I heard good things about it. I will buy it tomorrow for her. Hope it will help.

  10. 10

    Working in you own business is very demanding and can get frustrating if things don’t work as planned. I would normally ignore the fact that I get cranky and shout nasty words but my nephews are around now and I can’t do that. My son got me this this supplement and I’m very happy with the results. Cheers!

  11. 11

    It is truly soothing. I am one of those people that always feels threatened no matter what. My friends tried to help me but it seemed it wasn’t working. That changed when one of them gave me MindSoothe to see if it makes any difference. I immediately was able to socialize a lot better and ultimately got rid of my problem. It’s some useful stuff in this product for sure.

    • 12

      I had a similar experience. I think I have always suffered from social anxiety. The first two capsules gave me a feeling of euphoria and made me a much more sociable person. It sure helps me!

  12. 13

    I’ve taken a whole bottle and felt very little differences. So little in fact that I can’t tell it it had anything to do with the thing. I did not get dizzy or have any headaches, but that’s irrelevant since I had no benefits.

  13. 15

    Linda Freer


    I’ve heard both St. John’s Wort and passionflower may cause dizziness. Is it safe to drive a car after taking this pills?

  14. 16

    maybe i need to try another brand of this ingredient. does anyone know what is a good & pure brand of St. Johns Wort?

  15. 17



    I have heard about St. Johns Wort for many years, but was always skeptical to try it, since I never seem to benefit much from Herbal Supplements. However using this supplement, I cannot say I ever truly noticed any results. Could it have something to do with the fact that I didnt take it long enough on a regular basis?

  16. 18

    St Johns Wort was given to me by my grandmother and she said it worked for her for many years. I am not sure how it worked for her, since it didnt do anything for me. Maybe it works for some people but not for others.

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