MigreLief Review

by Quantum Health
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-09-23
5.22 / 10 stars
MigreLief  Review

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Is MigreLief Right For You?

MigreLief is marketed as the first comprehensive herbal-based supplement that supports cerebrovascular tone, meaning functions of the healthy blood vessels from the brain. The company that produces and sells this remedy is Quantum Health, founded in 1981. Nowadays, the business offers more than sixty products formulated by modern scientists. However, the formula has been patented by Akeso Health Science, based in Westlake Village, California and further supplied to Quantum Health.

The product is suggested as a dietary supplement that works for children over twelve years old, men and women that suffer from chronic migraines. Even though MigreLief is not directly intended for an instant pain removal, it can decrease both the intensity as well as the number of headaches in a time frame varying from three to six weeks.


Ingredients of MigreLief

MigreLief includes the following ingredients: Riboflavin, Magnesium, and Puracol (Feverfew Whole Leaf).

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