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by Pamlab
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Date Published: 2011-06-17
Metanx is a prescription medical drug manufactured by Pamlab and it is one of the few prescription drugs awarded with a position in our top 52 supplements. The formula was created to improve the management of endothelial dysfunction in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. According to the company, Metanx is a “prescription medical food," due to its unique formula that includes the active forms of Folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. While Metanx was available on the market for many years, and it has received numerous positive reviews during this time, it is important to note that purchasing it without your doctor's recommendation is never a good idea.
8.00 / 10 stars
Metanx Review

Metanx is a prescription medical drug manufactured by Pamlab and it is one of the few prescription drugs awarded with a position in our top 52 supplements. The formula was created to improve the management of endothelial dysfunction in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. According to the company, Metanx is a “prescription medical food,” due to its unique formula that includes the active forms of Folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. While Metanx was available on the market for many years, and it has received numerous positive reviews during this time, it is important to note that purchasing it without your doctor’s recommendation is never a good idea.

Is Metanx Right For You?

Metanx is claimed to be a “prescription medical drug” for the dietary management of endothelial dysfunction in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This “medical drug” is manufactured by Pamlab (Pan American Laboratories).

The company, founded in 1957, is an adamant player on the market of nutritional supplements and prescription drugs. Since 2003, Pamlab has been functioning as a subsidiary of Nestle Health Science. Our research on the company did not reveal any background issues, but it revealed instead that the company leads its activity based on rigorous quality standards and scientific evidence in the medical field.

According to the official website, Metanx is “a prescription medical food” with a unique formulation providing the active forms of Folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12 to manage the distinct nutritional requirements of diabetic neuropathy patients who often experience numbness, tingling, and burning sensations in their feet. Metanx is available in two forms: tablets and capsules.

There is a lot of useful and accurate scientific information on the product’s page, most of this information being targeted toward Metanx’s key ingredients. For example, it is correct that the common B vitamins and Folic acid need to be converted into their natural, active forms before the human body can use them to support and enhance its vital functions.

Pamlab claims that the formula is designed to identify and “fix” the distinct nutritional requirements of diabetic neuropathy patients. The product may also be beneficial for the treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia, a medical condition characterized by abnormally high levels of homocysteine in the blood, which may lead to cardiovascular dysfunction in the form of heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots.

Metanx alternatives are available for purchase, either similar in ingredient configuration or advertised benefits, including a generic form of Metanx.

Ingredients of Metanx

Metanx includes the following ingredients: L-methyl folate Calcium (as Metafolin), Pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, and Methylcobalamin.

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112 User Reviews or Add One about #40. Metanx

  1. 2

    grace Kayatta


    I have had 22 nerve endings burned in my knees and 8 nerve endings burned in my lower back. Is the Metanx counter productive?

  2. 3

    I stopped taking Metanx and take something close to it, Foltanx. Do not see any difference. I also take Gralise. Now for the past month or so, I have been besieged with almost my entire body itchy. I have to use my back scrubber at least 4 or 6 times a day. I do not show any rash or hives. He now ordered a tranquilizer and we shall see.

  3. 4

    curtis shelton


    I would love to try this . I have neuropathy bad all the way up my legs to were big knots come up on the side of my leg . Asked my Doctor he said would not help and would not prescribe it for me .

  4. 5

    Brian Newsome


    I originally had neuropathy in my right hand due to a double cervical herniation (C 5-7) even after a double laminectomy. Seven years later, I fractured my left wrist and developed neuropathy in my index finger. After surgery, my neurologist put me on Metanx. It cured all the neuropathy in both hands within two months. Note that I have always taken nutritional supplements and I am not diabetic. I had tried neurontin and lyrica, neither of which worked. I consider Metanx a miracle medicine/supplement.

  5. 7

    Good from drugstore. Poor quality from Brand Direct. I have tried Brand Direct two times, same result, not nearly as good as drug store. Must be cheaper because they are too old. I can’t afford the drug store anymore. I hate it because it works for me so well.

  6. 8

    I have diabetic neuropathy. I’ve been seeing a neurologist for it for several years. The last medication I’ve been taking for it through him is Lyrica. I started out taking 1 per day but have worked up to 4 per day! I also take Tegredol for nerve pain twice a day. Needless to say I want to sleep all the time! While with my mother at our podiatrist office I noticed a poster on his wall talking about neuropathy. I asked him if he treated it with anything besides drugs. He said yes and so I made an appointment with him for the next week. He prescribed Metanx and told me it may take up to 3 months to see good results from it but to be patient. I get mine for 3 months for $58 per month. I’ve been on it for almost 2 months and have backed off my Lyrica to 3 per day. I’m definitely seeing results! The numbness is subsiding and I’m not feeling the pain like I used to!

  7. 9

    I have chemo induced peripheral neurapathy mainly in my feet, and a little in my fingers. My feet are quite bad, to the point my Dr told me to get a handicapped tag and I bought a cane for added support. My Oncologist prescribed Metanx, which I get at Walmart for 59.00 for a 1 month supply. My insurance is not covering it. I have been on it 3 months now and can’t say I have noticed too much difference but in my case, it’s hard to tell because chemo continues to do damage for several months after you are done taking it.My Dr. today said it might take a year but I should begin to feel a difference in a few months. My feet are so bad it is worth every penny of this if it works. I think I also found a coupon on the product’s website for the same basic price point I am paying so if you are paying more, try going to their website to see if you can still get those coupons. I believe in this product and know it has helped many with diabetes, so I’m hoping it will help my chemo induced neurapathy as well!

    • 10

      Lisa K Shay


      Go to Good RX and it might have coupons or give you discounts at specific pharmacys so you might find it cheaper. Good luck! Thoughts and prayers for your full recovery.

  8. 11

    Pastor Karryl Patruck


    Too expensive for us normal people. At $100 a month there’s no way. Doctor gave me 2 months of samples and it did nothing. I don’t know if it takes longer or what…and your site doesn’t allow me to rate it 1 *. But I sure didn’t give it more.

  9. 13

    I have been on Metanx several years now for diabetic nerve pain. My insurance covered it for 90 days $70. Now all of a sudden they consider it a “medicine food” and will not cover it. It worked great and gave me very good relief from the pain. I also had a brain blood clot and stroke so it was supposed to help my short term memory, but I didn’t notice an improvement with that. Now for a 30 day supply it is $108, so it went from 180 pills for $79 to 180 pills for $324. I can’t afford that. I am on a lot of medications and this is not possible. Does anyone know of somewhere that it can be purchased at a cheaper cost? If a doctor prescribes a medication it should be covered. Insurance companies don’t want to cover anything and they want to be the doctors. Really sad in this wonderful USA…..

    • 14

      You can get generic. We also had trouble getting this filled for my elderly father in law, as Medicare wouldn’t cover. However, the generic version (called Foltanx) can be purchased for about $70 if u have a prescription. We got his from a local Brookshires Pharmacy and it was 60 tablets (one twice a day). So for 180 pills your cost would obviously probably be more than $70 but still less than $300+. Hope this helps but it is a shame that it isn’t covered by insurance and Medicare.

    • 15

      Angi Kennedy


      My daughter gets a 3 months supply of the name brand for $90.00 Her doctor set her up with a company called RX direct plus/Brand Direct Health. Try them or have your doctor look into it.

    • 16



      Cindy, your doctor may not know about it, but there is a specialty pharmacy that partners with Pamlab to offer metanx cheaper. It is called Brand Direct Health Pharmacy. Have your doctor fax or escribe your metanx prescription to Brand Direct Health. Their price, even without insurance is $58/mo which is much cheaper than any other pharmacy.

  10. 17

    I have been using Metanx for almost a year. I am a type 2 diabetic and my neuropathy developed a short time after diagnosis of diabetes. I have been on Lyrica 75mg 3x daily along with the Metanx. Since I have been taking the Metanx, I have noticed that I could back off from my Lyrica. Love the product!! However, I was just informed that as of 4/22/16 BCBS-Primemail will no longer cover Metanx. Can you answer as to why? They gave no reason. Does any insurance cover this product? Thank you

    • 18



      I have been on the generic of Metanx and it has so far been covered with CVS/Caremark and Costco. My doctor just gave them a prescription for 180 pills and do not know the cost as of yet. Previously, I was getting it from Costco, but found out it would be cheaper if I get CVS/Caremark.

  11. 19

    I was given samples of Metanx by an endocronologist to relieve burning/tingling in my arms & legs. I have not tried it yet. Neurologist put me on gabapentin, I get relief from acupuncture and some supplements. Do not have diabetes. I have also researched the NerveRenew. Has anyone tried it?

  12. 20

    Dasa Hasa


    I have Type 2 Diabetes and developed neuropathy about 2 years ago. My endocrinologist prescribed Metanx about a year ago ago. I seemed to notice some improvement but no longer. I continue to take Metanx because I can’t tell whether the pain would be worse without it.

  13. 21

    Besides taking the generic of Metanx, Foltanx, my doctor also prescribed Gralise ( 600 mg ) and I am a non-diabetic person. All the readings here, no one mentioned anything about Gralise, and also, there is an AD that keeps popping up called “NerveRenew” which is certified by doctors. Has anyone here used it?

  14. 22

    I started using with samples my Dr. gave me for neuopathy not due to diabetes. Seems to help so far. Found coupons online.

  15. 23

    I was recently prescribed Metanx by my podiatrist for burning tingling sensation in my feet – peripheral neuropathy (non diabetic) but I do have Chron’s and an ileostomy, I take a B12 shot once a month and 1mg folic acid per day. Will it be ok for me to take Metanx? Should I stop the Folic acid pill and and B12 shot.

    • 24

      Linda, that is the reason my neurologist gave me Metanx, cause it has very hign B12 among other B vitamins..so maybe you don’t need both, the shots and the pill.

  16. 25

    I have suffered with neuropathy in my right foot since I had surgery for a ruptured disc about 14 months ago. My right foot was about 50 % numb and I had horrible tingling and cramps when I would lay down to go to bed. I have been on metanx about four months now. I would say my symptoms are 90% gone. I will keep taking it! ( I do not have diabetes, and I could not tolerate the side effects of gabapentin and Cymbalta.). I am just now seeing results. Give it time.

    • 27

      I have not had any reaction to stomach problems if you mean aches of some kind and I have not changed my diet.

  17. 28

    Apparently my neurolgist has diagnosed my problem with neuropathy, and yet i do not have Diabetes. He has prescribed Mantax twice a day and also Gralise once at night time..IAlthough i dont have Diabetes, he is treating my symptoms as such for neuropothy. Does this make sense?

    • 29

      It does, according to my (well-respected) neurology team; neuropathy often occurs independently from diabetes. This is my situation, as well.

  18. 30



    I have been taking Metanx for several weeks. I have Morton’s neuroma and am a diabetic. The burning on the ball of my foot has been very bad for quite a while, at least several years. I have been going to the podiatrist for a long time. How many cortisone shots I can’t recall. At least three this year. New orthotics are helping some. The burning especially at night has given me many sleepless nights. I found a pamphlet at the foot doctor’s office in the waiting room the last time I was there. He has wanted to do a series of shots that will kill the nerve. I might not have feeling in my toes. Good thing I asked about a prescription for Metanx. I’d rather try it than the permant shots. Also, I have a feeling like water running down my lower leg. I am convinced this is a permant side effect of prescriptions for several statin drugs. I will not try any other statins again. Not worth the side effects. I am not completely free of the burning on my foot, but it is at least 50% better after several weeks of Metanx and the running water feeling down my leg is much less frequent and intense. I am happy to say that with my health insurance, I get a 90 day supply of Metanx for $25.00. I don’t think the doctor would have recommended Metanx if I did not ask about it. Good thing I saw the pamphlet myself. I am very happy with the results and have stopped taking some other vitamins I was using in hopes of helping my problem. I am on my feet and moving around a good portion of the day while doing my job.

  19. 31

    My doctor prescribed me metanx since I have Mthfr deficiency. I had 2 early miscarriages prior to that I had a very heard time getting pregnant with failed 3 failed iuis and 2 failed ivfs. Does metanx help you in conceiving?? Also does it help with blood clots because my doctor perceived me aspirin 325mg to take daily. But I have heard that by taking aspirin on regular basis one does not ovulate
    So please help me understand is metanx enough to prevent blood clots??

    • 32

      Hi Karen,
      My doctor prescribed it to me because of the same reasons as you. What has been your experience so far? Thanks!

  20. 34

    I wish insurance paid for this. I have some some sort of very painful neuropathy/radiculopathy that was so bad I couldn’t stand for a week and had little sleep for 3 months. I work for a neurologist and go to pain management. I’ve been able to get metanx samples and got a coupon for Lyrica. Between the two, I’m much better. But my Lyrica Went from $25 to $160! And it’s harder to get the samples. I can’t afford either medicine now and don’t know what I’ll do! They help SO much!

      • 37

        Recd for what Twy? Memory? We recd Cerefolin which is also distributed by Brand Direct. I haven’t really researched it but it seems similar to Metanx. But he also recds a “cocktail” of OTC supplements for memory/dementia. I can’t remember (ha!) all of the dosages tho: B12 2000 mcg, D3 2000 IU, turmeric (curcumin) – I take between 2 to 4 capsules a day, CoQ10, folic acid (up to 5 MG, if you can find it) and fish oil 3 to 4 caps a day. Oh and alpha lipoic acid 300 mg.

    • 38

      Lyrica and drugs like it only “mask the pain” but doesn’t get to ROOT or cause of problem. Metanx has folic acid and L-methylfolatein its purest form whereas other neuropathy drugs don’t. If you have a genetic polymorphism, your system will not fully absorb the L-methylfolate thus will not be as effective. It increases blood flow to extremities…Google the studies.

    • 39

      Newly prescribed. Wanted to share that Pfizer offers patient assistance for its drugs including Lyrica. You may apply at needymeds.org or at their website directly. If you fall within their income requirements, they will send you 90 day supply to your doctor’s office for pickup at no charge.

  21. 40

    Does metnex cause horrible dry coughing when taken with diabetic med, high blood pressure pills, cholesterol mods and depression pills.

  22. 42

    This med was prescribed for my wife to deal with short-term memory loss stemming from a concussion suffered in a traffic accident. She does not have diabetes. Any thoughts about effectiveness?

  23. 43

    I used it for almost four weeks and began to feel light-headed and out of sorts. It has been almost a week since I stopped it but the effect is lingering. If someone is taking other meds, I would advise against Metanx.

  24. 44

    At first my doctor suggested that I take the Vitamin B complex. I don’t have diabetes. Now then he prescribed this pill which contains B6 and B12. Now is this too much vitamins with complex B?

  25. 46

    I was diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy last year after complaining of numbness and pain in my feet and fingers. I have been fighting with diabetes for years, but before the neuropathy, it wasn’t that hard to follow the treatment and diet prescribed. When the pain became severe I told my doctor and he prescribed Metanx as he believed to be a very effective solution. And he was right. The pain level has decreased considerably, and only now and then I feel that burning sensation in my feet. So for me, this is the drug that works and I will continue treatment as long as possible.

  26. 47

    John Saunders


    I have been diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago and started to feel numbness in my extremities over a year ago. The doctor prescribed me this drug and it has done wonders for me. By taking the treatment following my doctor’s recommendation, the symptoms disappeared and I can do all the things I used to to before. It is truly a wonderful product.

  27. 48

    At first I was very reserved about buying such an expensive product without having any guarantee that it would work. I decided to trust my doctor and hoping I would get rid of the torturing burning sensation in my feet, I purchased the first bottle. In the first 2-3 weeks I didn’t feel much improvement, but slowly the pain faded away and in the last days of the first month my feet did not hurt at all. I renewed my supply and continued the treatment confident in the drug’s potency. Now I very rarely feel some discomfort in the feet, but it’s nowhere near to the pain I used to feel. I believe it’s worth all the money and as long as I can afford it, I will continue to stay on the Metanx treatment.

  28. 49

    My sister started taking this for her menstrual cycle. It was all over the place and sometimes nowhere at all. She said it took her a few months but now she is getting regular menstrual cycles and no severe PMS issues. I think she is over all pleased with the product.

  29. 51

    Do your research on this product metanx. L-Methylfolate in metanx is the purist form. Other generics or OTC are not the same & will not metabolize in your body. (d-methylfolate) I’m taking METANX & money is tight but my health & wellbeing is more important. I can sacrifice a few things to get my metanx prescription. Just started 4 month & it’s a good feeling havin feeling back.

  30. 52

    Joe Atkins


    My mother was prescribed Metanx a year ago and great improvements have been seen in her feet, since then. Basically the circulation in her feet were gone. It saved her toes and feet by greatly increasing circulation. It’s a tried and true product.

  31. 53

    I was diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy last week and my PCP started me on Metanx; fortunately our insurance covered most of it and I only had to pay $40 for a month’s supply. I have noticed the burning feeling in my toes have gone away but now I have constant tingling in my legs. It started out in just my calves and has progressed up to my hip area and last time when I went to bed I had the same feeling in parts of my back, arms and face. How long does this side effect last?

    • 54



      That “side effect” could actually be your nerve endings coming back to life because they are getting better blood flow and nutrients to them. It’s kinda like when you sit on your foot and it falls asleep and you get pins and needles when stand up. It’s temporary pain, but it’s a good sign that blood is flowing through there again, when it wasn’t before .

  32. 55

    I believe the Metanx I took has caused the pins and needles tingling in the upper and lower extremities on the left, probably now a polyneuropathy. If you read the fine print on the insert, it warns paresthesias are a side effect. One of the causes of polyneuropathy is too much Vitamin B6, present in a massive amount in Metanx. My problems started three weeks after I started the Metanx. I stopped it immediately, and my symptoms remain, three months later. I’m afraid it may have caused irreversible nerve damage.

  33. 57

    Violet Adams


    Although the doctor prescribed me this drug to reduce the numbness I in my feet, I noticed that it has also helped me get a better rest. Because of the pain and discomfort I was feeling because of my feet, I was also having trouble falling asleep. But now, my feet hurt less and I have no problem falling asleep at night. So for me its a multi-benefit treatment and I love it!

  34. 58

    I started a treatment with Metanx at my doctor’s recommendation who said this drug will definitely improve blood circulation in my feet. I used to always complain about my poor circulation and my cold hands and feet whenever the temperature was a little lower. So far, I can see some improvements but I am still at the beginning at my treatment (2nd week). Given the fact I can already see the benefits of using Metanx, I am very confident it will help me with my problem o the long run.

  35. 59

    My doctor wanted me to try Metanx for what she calls iodiopathioc neuropathy, which could be a side effect of celiac disease. I’m still going in circles to see if I can get it covered thru my insurance, but meanwhile I’ve done my research and have found the exact equivalent active componments can be found in health food stores and also online. I was also told that it would likely take at least 8 weeks to see strong improvement because this is an issue of repair of vessels that send blood supply to the nerves, and this isn’t an instant thing. While I wait to see what happens with the insurance, I bought the exact 3 vitamins that are in Metanx separately, which need to be the metabolically active forms of the vitamins and not the typical forms found in the stores. Do a bit of research and you can figure out what to buy, all available without prescription. Rather than 1 Metanx am, 1 in pm, with the separate vitaminsI have to take a total of 6 pills each time, but a months’ worth at twice a day costs me about $30, which is less than Metanx. I have been taking the vitamins for about 10 days now, not sure yet if there is an improvement, but I’m willing to test this out for 3 months, which is the recommended minimum trial. Hope it works.

    • 60

      Keshia Murray


      I found the Metanx cheaper at direct pharmacy online. Its a shame that our insurance companies wont cover it, and the doctor recommends it. Please let me know how things turn out. I waiting on my 90 day supply in the mail.

    • 61

      William Thatcher


      Carole, it is true you can purchase over the counter versions of the substances contained in Metanx but the quality of the supplements and its bioavailability can vary widely. I actually went the opposite direction you did, I stopped purchasing the OTC products and switched to the more predictable quality, FDA approved, and more bioavailable form found in Metanx.

    • 62

      Charles Weber


      I typically take your route and search for cheaper equivalents to proprietary formulations (though often breakdown amounts are not always indicated). I’d be interested in knowing where you obtained the L-methylfolate in such a large dosage as the Metanx, which is 2.8 mg, while most brands offer this compound in 400 microgram tabs/pills/capsules, meaning that one would have to take seven of these to reach the Metanx amount. Swanson has the right active form in product # swu758 at what appears a reasonable price. Is your comparable product cheaper?

  36. 63

    Kalinda Price


    I found about Metanx from a friend also diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, she was happy about the results. When my doctor agreed that I should try it and recommended me the supplement, I had great expectation. Today, I am grateful for discovering this product that gives me great ease from this exhausting disease.

  37. 64

    Started today . Prescribed by Doc for Diabetes II foot pain . $173.00/ 90 day supply w/shipping . Time will tell

  38. 65

    When I used to work at an office my feet would get really numb from sitting down because of my illness. After staring using this formula I noticed some improvements that got even better with time.

  39. 66



    I am 68 years old and have had a tremor since I was 15 years old . It had become so sever that I had difficulty holding any thing . I also have been a diabetic for 18 years . For years I would ask doctors for something to help with the tremors and none would tell me anything . Just recently I changed neurologist and she recommended Metanx . It immediately stopped the tremors and other problems ! Like so many others say the price is my problem . The insurance will not help.

  40. 67

    Berry Lynsay


    Today it is much easier for me to follow a strict diet after using this product for a while, my appetite is always in check and without any emotional stress, my body seems to feel quite normal and much more relaxed.

  41. 68

    My sister seems to be happy about this new treatment with Metanx. Although it is very expensive, it does worth his money and I see it as a good investment in my sister health and happiness. I will for sure buy it again at the next medical prescription.

  42. 69

    Yesterday I went to my doctor again and he prescribed me this drug. I am happy that there are a few positive testimonials about it and I can’t wait to start the treatment. I’ve ordered it today.

  43. 70

    Unfortunately, I am one of the patients diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. My doctor prescribed me Metanx and, so far, nothing happened. I will continue the treatment hoping that it will prove its effectiveness after a few couple of months. I am happy that I didn’t encounter any side effects by now.

  44. 71

    I went to the doctor to change treatment, as Metanx seems not to help me at all. I have tried so many drugs so far that I can’t even remember their names… I hope this new treatment will work. If not… the search will continue…

  45. 72

    Unfortunately, I need prescribed drugs for my illness called diabetic peripheral neuropathy which is causing me a lot of troubles. But luckily I have found Metanx and I am very happy that I am one of the patients that have positive results with this treatment.

  46. 73

    Dalton T.


    My uncle was diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and his doctor prescribed him Metanx. He says that he is noticing a few improvements and also that the burning sensations in his feet miraculously disappeared. He is determined to stick to this drug as long as it keeps the symptoms under control.

    • 74

      was this the first line of treatment that your uncle used? I want to convince my doctor to prescribe this instead of the medication that I’m currently on (it makes me too drowsy), and I’d like to know how to raise the subject.

      • 75

        Just tell your MD you’ve heard about Metanx and would like to try it. If he gives you static, ask for a referral to a neurologist or podiatrist (who Rx’d it for me). I’ve only been taking Metanx 5 days and have had noticeable improvement in comfort and sleep. I hope it continues. Until it doesn’t, I’m a Metanx convert!

  47. 76

    It’s wonderful for me! Since I got it it has been a slow but steady progrgress towards complete relief. Now I rarely feel more than I light tingle and it never gets to me the way it used to. It’s a good choice.

  48. 77

    It’s not always effective but it can be a solution if nothing else works. I think it may interact with other medication and maybe with alcohol but I can’t really tell… It’s hard to judge these things precisely. Overall I think it’s ok.

  49. 78

    Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and I heard about Metanx that is very effective in such cases. But sadly I cannot afford to buy this expensive drug and I try to replace it with something else. I have found a few alternative with B6, B12 and folic acid and I can’t wait to begin the treatment.

    • 79

      marjorie connerly


      I read your statement on the internet about a alternative for metanx,I cannot afford metanx what did you find ? and can you share this with me.
      thank you.

      • 80

        Just a few important thoughts. Folate is not effective unless it is L-methylfolate. It is the active ingredient in Deplin which is an epensive antidepressant, which explains some of the other benefits mentioned above. I also get bi-weekly V B12 injections. I just found out about Metanx and will ask the Doctor about V B6.

        L-Methylfolate can be purchased from LifeExtension Co. for about $14.25 for 100 (1000)mg tablets.) cheaper if you go on an automatic shipment program. I take 2 a day for depression. Ask your doctor how much to take. The pharmacist at Costco looked up Methylfolate and said that it is very important to take the L-Methylfolate for as anything else will not have the same effect.

  50. 81

    Metanx is a very expensive supplement. I should seek for alternatives or for supplements with vitamin B6 and B12 and folic acid. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy this formula.

  51. 83

    I’ve been prescribed this almost a year ago and I’ve been using in constantly since. My experience was pretty mixed. Most days went by with very little symptoms. Others felt exactly like before. I suspect interaction with other medication, but I have no solid proof for that.

  52. 84

    After three months of use I can tell that it’s effective most of the time. I still have a couple of days here and there when the symptoms resurface for a few hours but nothing that I can’t deal with. So far I’m satisfied and I plan to stay on it.

  53. 85

    Celine M.


    Metanx has been effective in relieving the burning sensations in my feet and hands, but I think it is a little too expensive. I’ve been on other medication that were able to help me in the same way this drug has. Of course, this is my case and maybe for others there are no other treatments that work. I am lucky I can spend less money to feel good again.

  54. 86

    At first I was so sad about having these annoying symptoms but then I realized it’s better than having a debilitating disease or, you know, being dead and stuff. So I guess I started getting used to the idea, until one day I could not stand it any more and went to the doctor to find a solution. His choice was Metanx and I couldn’t be more happy about it. It’s all much better now.

  55. 87

    My doctor prescribed me Metanx and by now I am happy with the results! It’s quite expensive though! But I hope I will get better, because being healthy is more important than everything else! I will be a good girl and follow my treatment to the last pill!

  56. 88

    It’s not an affordable product but it works as intended and both me and my doctor are happy with the results. If you can’t find anything that can give you the relief you need consider asking your doctor to look into Metanx.

  57. 89

    I’ve been prescribed Metanx a year ago and I’ve taken it faithfully for the indicated period of time. While it has helped me a lot in that period, It did drop my income quite a bit. Now I’m starting to take it again because the sensations become unbearable once more.

  58. 90

    Nick Alan


    I haven’t really had problems with pain but the constant tingling got on my nerves a lot of the time. It’s like a always had tiny pebbles in my shoes and I could not get rid of them. I went to the doctor and he offered to prescribe me Metanx. Now I only have episodic problems with tingling, rare enough to not be a problem.

  59. 91

    Constant tingling and difficulty to sleep has been plaguing me for years. Sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes very painful, but always present every night. I don’t like taking drugs so I was getting used to it day by day. However, when I could’t sleep the night before my job interview I though it’s too much, so I got a prescription for Metanx. Never looked back ever since. It works and I’m happy.

  60. 92

    It’s true it’s expensive, but it’s also effective. Well, at least it was for me. My symptoms are gone while using it.

  61. 93

    I don’t like how expensive it is. It’s also not that effective, as symptoms seem to be reappearing randomly. I may need to find something else.

    • 94

      Funny thing I had no idea what the problem was but went to the doctor for a different issue, mentioning the burning, tingling and numbness in my feet. Neuropathy was the diagnosis, and he gave me samples of Metanx. Within a week, it made a big difference. He ordered a 90 day supply for me from an out of State Pharmacy that provides medical foods. They have payment plans to better afford it. I work for an insurance company, and most do not cover it. But I have found that if they did, my copay would be higher for a non formulary drug that the cost of what I pay for this which is $178.50 per 90 day supply.

  62. 95

    Metanx didn’t have any effect on my burning sensation in the feet whatsoever. I can’t believe how much money I spent on it.

  63. 96



    Metanx has helped with my tingling feet and sleep problems so far. however it’s kind of expensive, so think i am just going to order B6 and B12 vitamins and something based on folic acid. from what I researched, this is actually what improves blood flow .

  64. 97

    William B Key


    I had a perscription with Metanx for a vitamin with D and one other. It was a 90 day supply. Do you have a record on me. I would like to renew.

  65. 98

    Rosalia Haggood


    I went to Walgreen today for a different type of Prescription for my neuropathy and I purchased
    a Walgreen card for 20.00 dollars, and I was able to buy my prescription for half the price.

  66. 99

    Just started taking Metanx for numbness, tingling, burning in feet. Im very drowsy and sick to stomach. I dont understand the “drowsiness” if its a supplement. I will keep trying to read more about this medication. Anybody know why it causes drowsiness?

    • 100

      I have been taking Metanx for over a year and it doesn’t seem to make me drowsy. It does help with arm and feet pain. I can sure tell the difference if I have ran out for more than a few days. I have neuropathy and pots and vagal disorder.

  67. 101

    sharon Perdue


    my doctor prescribed Metanx for me because of the searing legpain have. Some nights I can’t even sleep it hurts so bad and I just lay in bed and cry. I have no medical insuranc, and cannot affo pay $92 for a 30 day supply ot. I purchased bottle and cannot afford any more. they really did help a lot. Is there any kind of assistance program for these that I could apply for?

    • 102

      Kathleen Childs


      This is in reply to Sharon Perdue’s review. Statin drugs for lowering cholesterol can cause searing leg pain. There many people like me that are statin intolerant. Please check this out.

  68. 103

    Tosha harry


    I take metanex for POTS syndrome autonomic dysfection that causes my blood pressure to drop for no reason this makes my feet numb, tingel, and painful. It has worked great for me and I take klonopin and Ambien to sleep and i have had no issues with any interactions,

  69. 104

    margot saraceno


    i was given my first 9o day dosage, to be taken 2 x a day.
    from my a new doctor on jan 22nd. due to burning and numbness and cramps in my feet, i have fibromyalgia, not diabetics, and iam wondering if this is alright or if this is for diabetics only.
    i still have not found any side effects anywhere andf wonder if ther are some.
    also i am taking vit b2 over the counter for migrane.

  70. 105

    I have had bilateral idiopathic sensory peripheral neuropathy (non diabetic) since 1997. I have tried Neurontin and Lyrica with no relief and have fallen twice while on Neurontin. I do not tolerate drugs well. My doctor has given me samples of Metanx which I have taken for a month now. I feel I may be getting some refief from the medication and am willing to give it a longer trial period. My question is- Do you have non diabetic patients who have gotten relief with Metanx? I take Clonazepam at bedtime and do sleep fairly well. I worry about taking both drugs but was told by a pharmacist that it should be OK. I would appreciate any information you can provide for me. Thank you, Jean Heil

    • 106

      Renee Haugland


      Hi Jean I take METANX and Clonazepam also but I take Clonazepam for panic attacks and anxiety. I take 2mg three times a day. I take Metanx twice a day for neuropathy for my legs also (non diabetic). I have really bad back and neck pain. I also take Lyrica 4 times a day and numerous medications! for Depression. I have had no side affects taking Metanx with any of my prescriptions. The medication is very expensive but what are you gonna do? Hope this helps alittle good luck to you.

  71. 107

    Dolores Oles


    I’m on Metanx for 4 mos. the burning seem to be a little less but I still get numness at night.
    I pay $144.00 for 3 mos., which is too expensive for me. This will probably be my last order
    as my insurance company will not pay. Are there any other discounts?

  72. 108

    Physician recently prescribed Metanx and insurance company refuses to pay for medication.
    We are currently going to pay out of pocket and praying for reiief of numbness, tingling and most of all burning sensation in my husbands feet.

    • 110

      BRS Publishing


      Hi Mary, each Metanx tablet contains: 3mg of L-methylfolate Calcium (as Metafolin); 35mg of Pyridoxal 5′-phosphate; and 2mg of Methylcobalamin.

  73. 111



    presribed metanx i am unable to afford @$144/90 day
    soooo i purchased ultra b-100 complex (natures bounty) $11.95
    relief from neuropathy feet freezer burn sensation within 2 hours of injestion
    initial 8 hour relief
    decreasing effectiveness over 3 days
    SIDE EFFECTS: urine color of ‘ mountain dew’ color disapates as foot pain resumes
    will continue to experiment to gain 24 hr relief

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